Bold & Beautiful: Chikankari Color Blocking Kurtas For Fashion Enthusiasts

Although the fashion industry is ever-evolving, however, there are some looks that stood the test of time and have become ingrained in the fashion world. That is exactly what the magnificent traditional embroidery, Chikankari from Lucknow, India, has accomplished. Combining this exquisite and complex technique with the modern flair of colour blocking creates a mix that is winning over the hearts of fashion aficionados worldwide. Chikankari kurtas featuring colour blocking are more than just regular pieces of clothing; rather these colour blocking outfits for ladies are a symbol of their bold personality, and graceful attitude and reflect their love for detailing like chikankari. 

In this blog let’s explore the fascinating world of Chikankari colour blocking outfits and check out various colour-block outfit ideas. 

Distinctive Features Of Color Blocking 

The various features of colour blocking that make it stand out as every fashion enthusiast's top choice are: 

  • Geometric Forms & Clean Lines

Colour blocking outfits frequently feature geometric shapes and lines in the design. Donning a bold look generally gets enhanced by wearing clothes with colour blocking. To divide the parts of colours, shapes like squares, rectangles, and diagonal lines are frequently used on clothes.

  • Colour Placement

The placement of colours on the clothes is very crucial to master the art of colour blocking. The colour block outfit ideas from the House of Chikanakri carefully use the colour palette to create kurtas that lend a sense of harmony and balance within the ensemble. To create the intended visual effect, our team of skilled artisans and designers test out various placements and then bring you a  piece of clothing that rules your heart and closet.

  • Versatility

Colour blocking isn’t limited to any type of clothing design, it is versatile in nature and hence can be used to uplift the look of any type of chikankari kurta. The versatile piece of clothing looks good on almost all occasions from casual to formal.

  • Seasonal Flexibility

Due to a range of shades, colour blocking outfits can be worn in any season by selecting hues that express the season's vibe. For instance, summer may see a preference for vivid colours, while autumn may see a preference for muted or earthy tones.

  • Creative Expression

By choosing clothes with colour blocking, you can express your creative side and vibrant personality. As the colour blocking allows you to play around with many colours and shades, it lets you enjoy styling yourself and make it an interesting activity. 

Colour Blocking Chikankari Fits From HOC

Colour blocking and chikankari embroidery are like a match made in heaven. At HOC, we bring you the elegance of traditional Indian handicrafts like chikankari, flawlessly merged with the cutting-edge aesthetics of colour blocking. Our team of skilled artisans and designers presents you the appealing colour block chikankari kurtas that are a trendsetter and looks appealing to the modern generation. Check out the various colour blocking outfit for ladies:

Perfect for a summer closet, the Ayah Chikankari Mulmul Straight Kurta combines beautiful colours in shades like bottle green, olive green, navy blue, magenta and mustard, setting a perfect example of a colour block outfit for ladies. You create a whole look by pairing it with a white chikankari palazzo or a contrasting bottomwear of your choice. 

Whether it's a date night or a casual outing with friends, our Arsh Chikankari colour block shirt set is for all those who love to stay on trend. You can complete the look by wearing statement earrings, a light neckpiece and a beautiful watch.

Infuse in a breath of fresh air by wearing the softest mulmul fabric featuring the intricate chikankari embroidery and colour blocking pattern. You can pair it with a chikankari cotton straight palazzo, Kolhapuri chappals and gorgeous jewellery pieces. This kurta is perfect if you are thinking of creating a boho-chic look.

How about exuding a classic vibe by wearing a stylish Chanderi fabric? You are going to gain all the attention. Available in hues such as beige and sea green, this colour blocking outfit can be paired with a contrast dupatta, a designer watch and a stylish clutch.

Perfectly blending the glamour and comfort quotient, the Muslin chikankari kurta is perfect to wear on any occasion. Featuring various colour hues, the kurta can be best worn on jeans for a more casual and laid-back look whereas you can pair it with a chikankari straight-fit pant for a formal look. 


In conclusion, choosing colour blocking outfits is a way to creatively express yourself and push your boundaries while deciding upon clothes that are trendy. If you too are looking for stunning and unique colour blocking outfit ideas, check out the great collection of colour blocking chikankari kurtas for women from the House of Chikanakri. We have everything in our online collection that best suits your preferences and personality. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Clothes Color Blocking

What are Chikankari Color Blocking Kurtas?

Kurtas that feature the intricate detailing of threadwork and timeless shades of colour blocking are known as chikankari colour blocking kurtas.

What makes Chikankari Color Blocking Kurtas unique?

Their ability to fit into every mood, occasion, weather, season and personality type, makes chikankari colour blocking kurtas unique.

Are Chikankari Color Blocking Kurtas only for women?

You can find colour blocking chikankari kurtas for men at the House Of Chikankari.