Chikankari Kurta for Men: How to Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Ethnic Wear

Chikankari kurtas for men are a piece of apparel that occasionally sets an ultimate impression that comfort and style can coexist. Being versatile in nature, the Lakhnavi kurta for men can be donned on any occasion be it a festival, wedding, or a casual temple visit. This blog serves as an ultimate guide to mens ethnic wear, covering how to style men’s chikankari kurta, and care tips including washing, ironing and storage. This summer and monsoon season, be ready to look at any look with a chikankari men's kurta from House of Chikankari. 

Chikankari for Men

Brought to India during Mughal rule by Noor Jahan, wife of Jahangir, the intricate work of chikankari soon gained recognition and love from royal patronage. 

Since then, the art of chikankari has been embraced by women all over the country. But with its fine detailing and elegant appearance, it made its way to the wardrobes of mens too. The Lucknowi Kurta for men is a fashionable and timeless apparel that can be worn year-round. A white chikankari kurta for men is a perfect pick for all those who prefer not to wear heavy ethnic kurtas with large embellishments but yet desire to look traditional. Chikankari kurtas with mirrors and jaal work are the most loved men’s chikankari kurtas. 

Come let’s check out some great styling tips for a chikankari men’s kurta and ways to rock your next look.

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6 Styling Tips for Men’s Chikankari Kurta

  • With Jeans 

Look all casual and cool by wearing a white chikankari kurta for men with jeans; this persona is set to turn heads. Lakhnavi Kurtas with denim look perfect and fashionable. If your kurta is light in colour, it is advised that you choose dark-toned jeans, and vice versa.

  • With Dhoti Pants 

By all means, wearing a chikankari kurta for men with a dhoti exudes an ethnic vibe. Festivals, cultural gatherings, etc. are ideally suited for this attire. Dhoti pants come in a variety of hues and colours. Consider the design of the kurta while choosing the colour of the dhoti pants.

  • With Cotton Straight Pants

Cotton straight pants are the most popular men’s chikankari bottomwear. They are undoubtedly cosy and convenient. The straightforward design of the cotton pants provides enough room for movement. A chikankari men’s kurta with straight-fit pants is the most popular choice among men who loves to look traditional on occasion.

  • With Waistcoat

Men's waistcoats may make any outfit appear more traditional. The best way to add originality to your plain, straightforward black chikankari kurta for men is with a waistcoat. The occasion will determine whether you wear a plain or embroidered waistcoat.

  • Donning A dupatta

A dupatta adds a lot of pizazz to the simple kurta-pyjama look and is really simple to style. Choose a lightweight, breathable cotton dupatta for a function during the day, and a velvet or embroidered one for an event at night. This can be your go-to style throughout the wedding season. 

  • Complete The Look With Jutis 

Without a traditional pair of juttis, what good is a traditional kurta pyjama set? Boring. A pair of juttis in shades of brow and burgundy can be the focal point of your entire outfit in addition to being really stylish. 

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How To Take Care Of Your Men’s Chikankari Kurta

Washing Instructions 

  1. Opt for only hand washing and dry cleaning. 
  2. Opt for handwashing in cold water with a gentle detergent.
  3. Avoid rubbing the embroidery in case of stains as it may damage the needlework, rather wash soak the area in mild detergent and hand wash separately.
  4. Refrain from bleaching.
  5. Do not hang your Laknavi kurta for men under direct sunlight rather let it dry in the shade.

Ironing Instructions

  1. Always iron on the opposite side of the chikankari kurta for men, avoid ironing on embroidery work to prevent damage. 
  2. While ironing the georgette fabric men's chikankari kurta, keep the iron’s temperature lowest. And try to keep a cloth between the kurta and the iron to prevent any harm to the kurta. 
  3. Avoid doing steam ironing, rather go for dry ironing.

Storage Instructions 

  1. Do not hang your kurta on the hanger for storage, as it may damage the embroidery. Always roll them up before putting them in a closet. 
  2. We know you have to keep other clothes too in your wardrobe but avoid placing any bulky clothes on your chikankari kurta.
  3. Keep on re-rolling your chikankari kurta periodically to keep them in the best state.

With all the above men’s chikankari kurta styling tips, you must now be feeling tempted to get your hands on one such elegant piece for yourself. Do not hold your hands back and scroll through the chikankari menswear collection from the House of Chikankari. We are sure you’ll attract a lot of compliments.