Do’s & Don’ts Of Monsoon Fashion: Your Go-To Guide To Look Stylish In Rainy Season

Finally, the most awaited season of the year is here! We know you are excited to get some relief from the scorching heat. Monsoon brings all the best things- greenery, the sweet smell of rain on the soil, kulhad wali chai - pakoda combo, and beautiful sky! But it also brings humidity that can ruin your outfit.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. With this comprehensive monsoon fashion guide of do’s and don’ts for the monsoon, you can stay on top of your fashion game, without compromising on your comfort. 

Do’s Of Styling Rainy Season Attire

Here are some monsoon fashion tips and tricks that you need to follow to keep your wardrobe monsoon-ready:

1. Wear Bright and Vibrant Colours

The grey clouds can make the rainy days gloomy and bleak, and this can affect your mood. On such days, the best you can do is be your own sunshine! Don a vibrant outfit and brighten up everyone’s day around you. You can choose yellow, orange, lime green, pink and red to elevate your style in monsoon season. Simple shorts, t-shirts, dresses or kurtis are the best clothes to wear on a rainy day.

2. Go for Lightweight Fabrics 

When picking a rainy season attire, choose a breathable fabric to combat the excess humidity in the environment. Lightweight and airy fabrics like linen, mulmul, cotton and organza are perfect for the rainy season. They do not cling to your skin, allowing sweat to evaporate easily, keeping you comfortable all day long.


3. Opt for Sandals over Sneaker

Open sandals are doubtlessly the best footwear for monsoon. Sandals do not get soaked in water unlike shoes or sneakers. Moreover, you can easily wash off the mud and you don’t have to wait an eternity for them to dry! It's also a great way to keep the fishy stink away from your feet. Stay away from footwear that have any fabric element.

4. Midi over Maxi

With puddles everywhere, you would not want your long dresses to get damp, right! A million dollar tip for your rainy season dresses, whether it’s a sundress or a kurti, is to pick a shorter length. Pick a dress that falls right above your knees, as it will not get dirty, while also keeping you cool and comfortable. Same applies for your kurta as well. Go for short kurta for women, instead of the long straight kurta.


5. Say Hello to Floral Prints

Floral prints are the best way to look elegant and stylish. While solid colour might easily show sweat patches or water droplets (or even your undergarment, when wet), floral prints would distract the eyes, taking the focus away from the damp areas. Go for smaller prints, instead of larger and bolder prints, as they will create a balance and symmetry in your entire outfit. You can check out House of Chikankari for gorgeous floral print kurtis for women that you can rock this monsoon.


6. Keep the Accessories to Minimum

Go for a minimalist chain or simple and small earrings during the rainy season. Avoid wearing heavy rings and bracelets because you might need to hold an umbrella for a longer period of time, and your accessories might annoy you! Keep your rain accessories simple.

7. Invest in a Waterproof Bag

Unexpected rain showers are normal for the monsoon. So, you should have a waterproof bag to protect your wallet, phone, charger and other essentials. Invest in a big bag that can carry your umbrella or raincoat as well. 

Don’ts of Styling Rainy Season Dresses

Now that you know what clothes to wear on a rainy day, here are some mistakes that you should avoid to stay comfortable during the monsoon season:

1. Avoid Tight Fitting Clothes

Avoid tight clothes, like skinny jeans, full sleeve kurtis and tops, or denim overalls, as they are not a good rainy season attire. Due to high humidity, the skin feels damp and sticky, and it is essential to wear loose, breathable clothes to ensure proper air circulation. This is not possible in tight-fitting clothes, which is why you should avoid wearing them. Sleeveless kurta for women would be a better choice as it would keep you comfy and cool.

2. Heavy Fabric is a big no-no

Keep your denim jackets, leather skirts, and velvet kurta sets for winters, because you would not want to get wet in the rain wearing these heavy fabrics, that would weigh you down. Plus, the heavy fabrics take forever to dry, and might start smelling if not dried properly. Wear lightweight fabrics that allow you freedom to move, even when you are wet.

3. Avoid Excessive Layering

What is worse than getting your shirt soaked in rainwater? Getting your shirt and your jacket soaked in rain water! Layering can look chic and sexy, but can also create practical problems like excessive sweating, or getting too heavy if you get wet. So, it is best to avoid layering in monsoon, and opt for simple t-shirts and tops.

4. Say No to Chunky Jewellery

Chunky bracelets, layered necklaces and big earrings will make your look too busy, along with being a hassle to manage in rainy conditions. It is better to make your outfit interesting by adding colours or prints, instead of accessories.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most fashionable clothes to wear during Monsoon?

Your monsoon fashion essentials should definitely include bright tops, shorts, midi dresses and short kurtis, along with comfortable slippers that can complement all your outfits.

2. How can I stay stylish during the monsoon season in Mumbai?

Monsoon in Mumbai is quite unpredictable, so you have to always be prepared. Opt for floral prints and vibrant colours, and choose lightweight fabrics. Ensure that you don’t wear something long, instead go for midi dresses and shorts, and you are ready with your monsoon dresses ladies.

3. Should I avoid wearing a certain type of fabric during Rainy season?

Yes, you should avoid heavy fabrics and tight clothes. Stay away from silk, leather, velvet, and latex fabric.