House of Chikankari on Shark Tank S2

As we revisit our Shark Tank episode, the reactions we received from the Sharks and the audience continue to overwhelm us. We are incredibly grateful for the positive response.

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, artisans were facing struggles to survive. It was then that the founders started House of Chikankari, with an aim to create a deeper impact on the lives of our country's craftsmen.

Two years into our journey, we remember our Co-Founder, Aakriti Rawal, feeling hesitant about seizing the opportunity to showcase our story and the story of millions of artisans on national television. The fear of revealing everything about the journey seemed like a terrifying thought at that moment. However, her passion for the artisans and the desire to make an impact motivated her to take the leap and take the story of millions of artisans to national television.

Our Co-founders Aakriti and Poonam Rawal after getting the deal!

“Ever since the episode aired, everything changed not just financially but also emotionally. We’ll never go back to the pre-Shark Tank world. We’re living in a very different dream. The sharks on board will help us scale the brand in such a way that we can build it as a sustainable business rather than building a business where we incur losses. We’re very confident on that” - Aakriti Rawal said to OTT Play. She also mentioned that the karigars, post the airing of the episode, called and expressed their gratitude for the recognition their work’s been given on national television.

The Aftermath of the episode has been nothing short of a miracle for our team as our sales have more than doubled with the surge in demand equally in India and International markets. We have received a massive spike in overall customer queries. We are thrilled to welcome new customers to our #HOCommunity.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Shark Tank for giving us this opportunity and to the cast and crew of Sony Liv for sharing our story with the world.