Lucky Colours Of 2022 - Incorporate them in your Chikankari outfits

The New Year is just around the corner, let’s welcome 2022 with joy. It’s believed that something as simple as wearing certain colours can bring one luck and good fortune. Whether or not you believe in the power of colours, including these in your new year won’t hurt, right?

We’ve curated a list of chikankari kurtas and kurta sets that you can incorporate into your 2022 wardrobe to bring you good luck and joy!

  1. White: Fresh Beginnings 

White has long been associated with innocence in many cultures, religious traditions, and works of art. It’s a symbol of purity. 

Nazakat Kota Angrakha: Count on our Nazakat Kota Angrakha for a fresh beginning. Intricately hand-embroidered with chikankari work, this kurta is made from kota cotton. 

Nazakat Kota Angrakha with Chikankari embroidery Kota cotton in white colour
  1. Red: Good Luck

Red is associated with good luck in the Chinese and other Asian cultures. Make sure to don a red outfit for good luck as you ring in the year.

Seher Mukaish Set: Handcrafted with love, our Seher Mukaish set is hand-embroidered with Chikankari and Mukaish work. Made from pure georgette, it’s customisable in any colour of your choice. 

Dia Mukaish Set: Our Dia Mukaish Set is a head-turner. Perfect for any occasion, it’s adorned with chikankari mukaish work to give you the glam you’re looking for. 

Dia Mukaish Set with Chikankari embroidery and pure georgette in red colour
  1. Yellow: Prosperity 

Incorporating yellow into your celebrations could bring hope for prosperity in the new year. 

Sarah Anarkali Set: Go all out with our Sarah Anarkali Set. Made from butter-soft modal cotton, this suit set is just the right addition of grace and elegance to your style. 

Sarah Anarkali Set with Chikankari embroidery and pure modal cotton in yellow colour
  1. Green: Growth and Energy

Green has been long associated with growth and energy in many cultures. 

Gul Kurta: Hand-embroidered on modal cotton, Gul Kurta renders a comfortable yet chic look. Available in multiple colours. 

Gul Kurta with Chikankari embroidery and modal cotton in pastel green colour

Yasmin Gown: Add Yasmin Gown to your new year’s wish list to remain positive and attract growth. Made from super soft and comfortable modal cotton, it’s available in 10 colours. 

  1. Yasmin Gown with Chikankari embroidery and modal cotton in green colour
    Purple - Power and Ambition

Purple is associated with wealth and was once worn by only royalty in Europe and Asia. 

Raabia Gharara Set: If you want to feel powerful, add our purple Raabia Gharara Set to your cart. Adorned with tonal hand-embroidery, it’s available in 2 beautiful colours. 

  1. Raabia Gharara Set with Chikankari embroidery and modal cotton in purple colour
    Grey - Resilience 

Surround yourself with this simple colour to give you strength.

Jiya Kurta Set: Soft and skin and available in 3 soothing colours, our Jiya Kurta Set is here to give you a comfortable and chic look.

Jiya Kurta Set with Chikankari embroidery and rayon in grey colour