7 Ways to Style a Chikankari Dupatta for Any Occasion

Indian clothing has a knack for being the most versatile and dupatta is one such adaptable piece of clothing. Dupattas are a wonderful way to radically alter the appearance of your clothing. They can be easily combined with both ethnic and casual clothing to create a glam or sophisticated look.

Chikankari dupattas are the ultimate expression of beauty and grace. The intricate details, stylish tones and heavy embroidery of Chikankari dupattas set them apart from the others in the list. Ideal for summer, the lightweight and breezy chikankari dupatta is an indispensable part of your wardrobe. They can elevate the look of a simple kurta if draped properly. The blog covers the various ways to drape your dupatta with salwar suits and create an attractive look.

Overview of Chikankari Dupatta

Ethnicity and elegance are both embraced by Indian women in all their attire. Our traditional clothing has provided us with apparel that we may style in various ways as per our mood and occasion. The Chikankari dupatta is one such attractive ensemble which if worn properly, has the ability to quickly give flair to any simple outfit.

Fast forward to the present day, the chikankari dupatta has transformed into a stylish clothing option that ups your fashion game in just seconds if you have various dupatta draping style ideas at your fingertips. 

If you are looking for tips on how to style a chikankari dupatta, the next section of the blog covers various ways to drape your dupatta with salwar suits. Come let’s check em out!

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7 Tips & Tricks For Styling Chikankari Dupatta

1. Drape It Around

Your dupatta can be simply draped around creating an opulent, royal appearance. It works best with chikankari dupattas. Check out the House of Chikankari’s Aafiya Chiffon Dupatta with Chikankari.

2. Carrying On One Arm

This dupatta draping style idea works beautifully with a sheer but intricately embroidered dupatta, just like a Salma chanderi dupatta. It looks fashionable and displays the dupatta when you place it on your shoulder and spread it slightly to pull it up to one arm. A one-side drape promises to let your neck design sparkle and is best suited for Anarkali or Angrakha outfits. 

3. Two-Sided Draping

This is one of the most adored ways to style a chikankari dupatta, especially by Indian moms. Many celebrities are also often seen wearing this style on the runway since it looks great and gives a sophisticated appeal. When you want to draw attention to your dupatta this way to drape your dupatta with salwar suits works well.

4. Pleats

Don't worry; creating pleats is considerably simpler than you would think. Holding the entire width of your dupatta in your extended hand, carefully fold it in half, then in half again, and so on, stopping when the remaining length can no longer be folded. You now have a neatly pleated dupatta if you carefully check that all the edges are on one side and folded on the other. You wouldn't want all of your hard work to go in vain, so don't forget to pin it on your Kurta as well. This is one of the gorgeous dupatta styles.

5. Shoulder and Wrist Drape

Consider a situation where you must dress ethnically but occasionally get to show off your dancing skills. In such a situation, you can choose a gorgeous chikankari dupatta with intricate embroidery or pattern and pin it on the right side of your shoulders while draping the other end around your left-hand wrist. Long dupattas go well with this as they are fairly long and simple to wrap without slipping off. Check out Shaziya Chanderi Straight Kurta Set with Dupatta at the House of Chikankari and create this graceful look.

6. Full Open

You can completely transform your appearance by covering yourself in a gorgeously embroidered chikankari dupatta. You can even gloriously side-cover your head with flowers poking out of your hair. You can recall playing the role of a princess as a child and attempting to accessorise regular home clothing with your mother's favourite dupatta. This time, do it right with this amazing dupatta draping style idea and don't forget to wear enormous earrings as a finishing touch. They complement the clothing well.

7. Cape Style

Everyone loves wearing capes, and we all do so secretly. Wearing a cape-style dupatta requires you to spread the dupatta over your shoulders like a cape. Try this dupatta draping style with our Samara Chanderi Straight Kurta Set with Dupatta.

Aafiya Chikankari Chiffon Dupatta

In the modern era, when appearance is given the top spot while creating an ideal look, it is crucial to pay attention to how to drape a dupatta in order to appear your best and stay current with fashion. With the right dupatta draping style idea, you can now make any piece of kurta look attractive. 

Hence, next time whenever you are donning a kurta set with a dupatta do not forget to take a cue on what are the different ways to wear a chikankari dupatta from the tips above. Draping a dupatta perfectly is an art and you can be the artist too.

Get your hands on the most amazing and in-trend kurta sets with a dupatta from the House of Chikankari and satiate your love of chikankari with them! While you check their collection, do not forget to have a look at their celebrities' favourite Seher Georgette Angrakha Set with Dupatta!

Frequently Asked Questions about Chikankari Dupatta

What is a chikankari dupatta?

A chikankari dupatta is a shawl-like scarf often referred to as a traditional piece of clothing. It is mostly worn over a chikankari kurta or salwar kameez to complete the look. During ancient times, it was worn as a part of modesty, in modern times it is used as a styling accessory for your kurta. A beautiful dupatta complements traditional attire like no other piece of accessory.

Is the chikankari dupatta only suitable for traditional occasions?

It's a widespread myth that chikankari dupattas can only be styled for traditional occasions. An elegant and timeless piece of chikankari dupatta can be styled on various formal and informal occasions such as while going to the office, on a day out with friends or on a party night. There are different ways to wear a chikankari dupatta on various occasions.

Is Chikankari Dupattas suitable for all body types?

Yes, chikankari dupattas suit women of all body types. If you know various ways to style a chikankari dupatta, you can rock any look with absolute perfection.

Where can I buy authentic Chikankari Dupattas?

You can buy authentic chikankari dupattas online at House of Chikankari.

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