Explore The Delight Of 9 Amazing Dupatta Draping Styles

Fashion and clothing are a purview of our personalities. How we carry ourselves speaks a lot about our creative inclination and aesthetic flair.  

When we talk about Indian wear, Dupattas play a crucial role in your wardrobe.  In fact, the versatility of Dupatta drape ideas has turned this into an endearing accessory for Western wear as well. 

Dupattas aren’t just pieces of fabric, but they are a great addition to your ensemble and add an aesthetic nuance and structure to your whole look. In this blog, we shall talk about different Dupatta draping styles that can add oodles of charm to your outfit and make you dazzle like a diva that you truly are. 

Different Dupatta Draping Style Ideas


Here are some of the best Dupatta draping style ideas that will elevate the appeal of your outfit. You can mix and match different styles to create interesting combinations:

  • The Classic Drape


If you want to go with a timeless and classic Dupatta drape idea, you can always put the Dupatta over one shoulder and let it be free from on either side. This is a very elegant and easiest way of draping a dupatta over your suit or lehenga. 

  • Front Pleating


If you want to experiment with some unique Dupatta draping ideas, this one will be great for you. Try pleating the front part of the Dupatta and securing it on your shoulder with a safety pin. This won’t just add definition to the drape, but will also give a crisp look to your attire. 

  • Cape Style 


This is a rather chic and stylish dupatta draping idea.  You can wear your dupatta like a cape by securing it nicely on both shoulders. This can also be used as a dupatta draping idea for lehenga.  

  • Saree Style Drape


You can drape your dupatta across one shoulder and pin the other end along your waist. This is one of the most common dupatta draping ideas for lehenga as it keeps your dupatta in place and you can go about your activities without the need for adjusting the drape repeatedly. 

  • As A Stylish Head Wrap


This dupatta drape idea is one of our personal favourites. You can drape the Dupatta aesthetically over your head and let the loose part of the drape fall over your shoulders. It is a statement style and can instantly transform your look. 

If you have a heavy dupatta, you can wear it in this way for an enchanting royal look. In fact, some people call it the Mughal drape for its regal appeal. 

  • The Belted Drape


Another cool way of draping your dupatta would be to secure it around your waist with a statement belt. This particular draping style works very well with Western wear. This cinches your waist and makes your outfit look super stunning. 

  • Layering 


This is also a very popular dupatta draping style idea. You can experiment with different Dupattas and create a stunning look by amalgamating different styles, colours, and prints. You can even wear a gorgeous dupatta with a saree, to add that extra depth to your outfit. You can opt for Silk, Banarasi, or Velvet odhnis depending upon the style and fabric of your outfit. Try choosing contracts colours with elaborate work to make your dupatta stand out.

  • The Arm Drape


You can secure two sides of the dupatta on both wrists and let the remaining fabric flow beautifully along your back. This is also a classic and fuss-free style of dupatta drape ideas. 

  • Super Casual Drape



For a very laid-back look, you can simply drape your dupatta around your neck and let it fall alongside both shoulders. This is an excellent dupatta draping style idea if you like a hands-free approach to going about your day.  

Although Dupattas are quintessentially traditional in terms of their appeal, the above-mentioned different dupatta styles will let you put together and embody the perfect balance of cultural heritage, aesthetics, and style in terms of your dupatta drapes. No matter if you are headed out for a wedding or a casual soirée with your friends, these dupatta draping ideas will come in handy for you. To that end, you can also check out the exquisite collection of Chikankari Dupattas, kurta sets, co-ord sets, etc.