Rayon Chikankari Kurtas

Get the Traditional Look with a Modern Twist with Rayon Chikankari Kurtas from House of Chikankari

Fashion is ever-evolving with new styles being added every season. However, what is con...

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Get the Traditional Look with a Modern Twist with Rayon Chikankari Kurtas from House of Chikankari

Fashion is ever-evolving with new styles being added every season. However, what is constant is the need for comfort in clothing and fashion. With summers setting in and raising the temperatures, you must be on the lookout for comfortable clothing which shows off your individuality and sense of style. At House of Chikankari, we realise the need for comfort and style and that’s why have brought a wide collection of rayon kurti for women with the master craft of Chikankari.

The rayon Chikankari kurtas are one of the most elegant and classic options for women's clothing for summer. Rayon straight kurtis are a favourite among fashion fans thanks to their elaborate patterns, beautiful stitching, and soft textures. The rayon kurta set’s soaring popularity is a result of its level of comfort, adaptability, and modern attractiveness. 

What is Rayon?

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fibre formed from regenerated cellulose. It is known for its softness and breathability. This shiny fabric is frequently used in apparel in the fashion world because of its comfort levels and lightness. The name ‘rayon’ comes from the French word ‘rayonner’, which essentially means ‘to shine’.

This fabric is perfect for the summer because it is light and absorbs moisture well. Rayon-printed kurtis have become a trend among women because of their lightweight soft texture.

Benefits of wearing Rayon Chikankari Kurtas

  • Comfort: Rayon is famous for being breathable and has a soft texture, making it a perfect fabric for the summer. A rayon kurta hugs your silhouette to perfection giving you a flattering style.
  • Absorbs Moisture: Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric made from cellulose fibre and can absorb moisture well. Thus a rayon Chikankari kurti keeps you comfy in the hot and humid summer.
  • Elegance: The combination of rayon and Chikankari embroidery creates a fusion fashion where tradition meets contemporary style. Intricate thread work on rayon-printed kurtis makes for elegant and graceful wear.
  • Versatile: You can wear an elegant rayon Chikankari kurta set for both casual and formal occasions.
  • Pairing: You can pair a rayon Chikankari kurta with various kinds of bottoms like linen pants, palazzos, leggings, denim and even skirts to bring out a whole new look.

Different Rayon Chikankari Kurtis Available on House of Chikankari 

Why Choose House of Chikankari

At House of Chikankari we not only bring stylish Chikankari Kurta for men and women we also uphold one of the oldest crafts in India – Lucknowi Chikankari. All of our rayon Chikankari kurta and other fashion apparel like Chikankari Kurta Sets, Chikankari Short Kurtas, Chikankari Gowns, Chikankari Kaftan, Chikankari Sarees are hand embroidered by skilled artisans.

You can also find Chikankari Pants, Chikankari Dupattas, Men’s Chikankari kurtas, and Men’s Chikankari bottom wear, at House of Chikankari. Trust us for Mulmul Chikankari kurti, Modal Chikankari kurti, Chanderi Chikankari kurti, Viscose Chikankari kurti, Silk Chikankari kurti, Velvet Chikankari kurti, Kota Doria Chikankari kurti, muslin Chikankari Kurtis, and much more for your ethnic fashion needs.

FAQs about Rayon Chikankari Kurtas

Is rayon Chikankari kurtas suitable for summer wear?

Rayon is one of the best fabrics for summer as it keeps the body cool and comfortable. Rayon Chikankari Kurta does not trap body heat and thus is perfect for summer wear.

How should I wash and care for my rayon Chikankari kurta?

We recommend dry cleaning or handwashing only for the safety of Chikankari embroidery. Avoid using hot water for washing your Rayon Chikankari Kurta.

How can I tell if a rayon kurta is of good quality?

High-quality rayon has a smooth and soft texture. Avoid rayon kurta that feels rough on your skin or that has a plastic-like texture.

Can I wear rayon Chikankari kurtas in all seasons?

Rayon Chikankari Kurtas are perfect for all seasons because they are lightweight, comfortable yet stylish. You can wear them for casual occasions.


How can I style a rayon chikankari kurta set?


You can pair a rayon kurta set with a nice potli bag, a jutti, statement earrings and a chic choker which will give you a nice classy yet elegant look.


Will lint appear on my rayon chikankri kurta?


No, there will be no lint on the rayon chikankari kurta, as rayon is a lint-free material


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