Story of House of Chikankari

Our Team

The thread that binds everything together. She incubated the idea for House of Chikankari and turned it into a reality; now making sure we get closer to our vision, one step at a time.

The heart and backbone of House of Chikankari, she shuffles back and forth all day, between artisans & vendors - camouflaging seamlessly into various roles.

Graphs, charts, taxes. With his diverse experience in the corporate world to running his own business, he knows his numbers inside out & keeps us all in check.

A constant source of creativity, she ensures that the brand ethos is communicated well, the voice and vision of the brand is heard and enlivens the brand narrative.

With an attention to detail and always a step ahead of the game, she acts as a vital support system to everything HOC does ensuring you get get what you want. Data nerd and proud - geeking out over numbers is her superpower.

All Things Pretty! The brain behind all the mind-boggling creativity you see on social media (and so much more) is her superpower!ย Attention to perfection & always just one call away (literally) - meet our happy go lucky favourite!

A juggler of tasks and efficiency pro, her strong work ethic and ambitious nature is what drives her to make the most out of every opportunity. Making works of art with her creative skills, she works tirelessly behind the scenes to create content that you engage with!

The first employee of House of Chikankari (from the days when we worked from a room!), she is a thorough perfectionist and makes sure the product that reaches you is always in outstanding shape.

A part of the team since the launch of the brand, she has an eye for detail and always strives to deliver a flattering fit for the garments.

Bringing alive one of the most important aspects of our product, a master of needle, Anwar is the creative one in our team who makes sure that our vision is enlivened and the end product is as beautiful as we imagined it to be.

The go to man for all our needs, the functioning of our warehouse would be impossible without him. He makes sure everything is where it is supposed to be and we always say -ย  nothing is ever lost until Varun canโ€™t find it!

The man behind your timely deliveries! He not only makes sure that every order is delivered in time but also that it is in perfect condition. Fun fact, he also remembers all the order numbers by heart!