3 Timeless Chikankari Sarees Every Woman Should Own in Her Wardrobe

The traditional Indian saree has captivated millions with its beautiful drape, timeless grace and effortless elegance. It is an irreplaceable part of Indian heritage and culture that is worn proudly by women to this day. It symbolises virtue and the purity of a deity, so when a woman dons a saree, she instantly appears graceful and exceptionally beautiful. This six yards of fabric has gone through several changes throughout history, with different regions of India coming up with their own intricate designs and fabrics to enhance its appearance. One such design is the Chikankari saree, which is a popular style from Lucknow. If you are looking to expand your saree collection, here are some traditional sarees every woman must have in their wardrobe!

3 Top Chikankari Saree Every Women Should Own for her Wardrobe

1.Georgette Chikankari Saree

Georgette is a super lightweight and elegant piece of fabric that just accentuates the Chikankari work and makes it stand out. You need to have a georgette Lukhnavi saree to remind you of the grace and elegance of traditional Indian wear, while giving you a stylish contemporary look as well. It is ideal to wear during the day and during the summer, when you need lightweight yet breathable fabric that also looks incredibly suave. The handmade Chikankari embroidery on a georgette saree is truly a sight to behold.

2. Organza Chikankari Saree

Organza Chikankari Saree

Try draping this traditional pure Organza fabric saree that is the epitome of luxury. It is a perfect blend of our rich traditional heritage of Chikankari work along with the sophistication you desire. An organza Chikankari saree made with sheer fabric, is lightweight, easy to wear and looks incredibly beautiful with the traditional Chikankari prints. It is one of the must-have sarees for a timeless wardrobe

3. Chikankari Cotton Saree

A cotton Chikankari saree with gota work is a great choice for day occasions and parties. It is comfortable, breathable and gives you the softness of cotton material. The Chikankari work on cotton also looks exceptional and delicate. You can choose a cotton chikankari saree in a lighter shade to block out the sun's rays and also provide a richer look to the saree.

4 Factors to consider when buying chikankari sarees

  • First think about what saree you want to buy. Because there are various types of sarees with Chikankari work that you can add to your collection. You can choose from georgette, cotton, organza and more.
  • Once you know which type of saree to buy, consider the prices of all the sarees and the quality they provide.
  • You need to look for original Chikankari work on the saree that is done by expert craftsmen specialised in Lucknowi Chikankari work.
  • Consider the occasion where you want to wear the saree. If it is a day occasion, especially in the summers, a lightweight georgette saree may be the one to choose.

How to Style Chikankari Saree For Any Occasion

There are various styles to drape a traditional Lukhnavi Chikankari saree. Here are some ways you can choose to style your Chikankari saree and look exceptionally beautiful for any occasion. 

  • Traditional Style: This is one of the most common and easy ways to drape a Chikankari saree and is ideal for formal occasions. Start by wrapping the saree around your waist and then bring the end over your shoulder, tucking it over on the other side. Now drape the pallu over your shoulder and let it fall on your back. This style will surely make you look like a beautiful Indian princess.
  • Bengali style: For the Bengali saree, begin at the right and tuck the saree a bit over your navel. Now again take it around your waist from the left side and tuck in. An Bengali saree drape is one of the most spectacular styles that will make you look irresistible.

How to Take Care of Your Chikankari Saree

  • Avoid washing your saree and prefer dry cleaning it to avoid any damage to the Chikankari embroidery.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight with some naphthalene balls to prevent mildew and insect damage.
  • Exposing it to direct sunlight for a longer time may lead to fading of the colour and ruining of the embroidery.
  • In case of any stains, clean it immediately and then get it dry cleaned. 


We hope you have learnt some valuable tips to help you choose the right Chikankari Lukhnavi saree for you and how to elevate your wardrobe with this magnificent and artful piece of clothing. You can wear a Chikankari saree at several occasions, as it is versatile and looks delicate and graceful. At House of Chikankari, you can find exquisite and hand embroidered Chikankari sarees that will give you a lifelong memory.