Comfortable Yet Fashionable: Chikankari Elegant Vacation Wear

Vacations are for relaxing your mind and body and rejuvenating yourself away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But they are also for flaunting your stylish vacation wear and unique designs. While you are out exploring or having the time of your life, you want to be as comfortable as possible while looking your best self. So we bring to you some amazing vacation wear ideas with ethnic and indo-western clothing that will make your holiday photos look unforgettable.

Fascinating Chikankari Wear for Vacations

Out of all the best comfortable outfits for vacation, Chikankari wear including chikankari kurtas and chikankari short kurtis tops the list, thanks to their incredible design and eye-catching style that you cannot miss. Not to mention, they are soft and comfortable to wear for any kind of vacation you are planning!

Dressing Up with Chikankari for Cultural Explorations

Chikankari is the go-to style for any historical visit, cultural exploration or religious place as well. It provides an ethnic touch to your outfit and makes you fit in well with the surroundings. The earthy Chikankari colors complement any cultural place of tourism, monument, or ancient architecture site. You can flaunt the Siddah A-line dress for its comfort and sophisticated design. It is airy, breathable and perfect for setting off to explore your heart out. You also can’t go wrong with a Marwa straight kurta made with soft mulmul cotton to give you a relaxing day of exploring and wandering. The flowy fabric is captured perfectly in any camera and will give you lasting memories.

Chikankari for City Escapes and Sightseeing

Getting out of the city even for one weekend is a rejuvenating experience and gives your soul some time to recharge. Well, what better way to soothe your mind and body and watch the beautiful sunset with your loved one than in a Thaniya short kurta! The exquisite Chikankari design and pure cotton fabric will blow you away and give you the peace you need to spend the day sightseeing. Its trendy look and eye-catching colours will surely make it a prized addition to your wardrobe. You can also go for a Hanifa sleeveless kurta for a fusion of classic modern and ethnic styles and mesmerising Chikankari embroidery. 

Chikankari for Beach Vacations 

Beach vacations are a different kind of fun, with carefree days spent soaking in the sun and swimming on cool beaches. Well, while exploring on your vacation, you need comfortable outfit ideas that are breathable and ideal to wear all day in humid weather. A kaftan is the perfect choice for you on your beach vacation because of its comfortable and flowy style that matches the beachy vibe. Go for the Amani kaftan set with its gorgeous colours that stand out at any place and a mesmerising fabric and Chikankari design. The Dareen mulmul kaftan is also a unique choice with its small floral prints that define any beach vacation. 


Any vacation is incomplete without unique ethnic wear that makes heads turn, and Chikankari is one such exceptional traditional embroidery that never goes wrong. You can style it in a number of ways and carry it as a kaftan, short kurta or sleeveless top, but it will make your outfit more fashionable and catchy. You can check out the collection of incredible Chikankari dresses at House of Chikankari, with a wide variety of designs, colours and styles for every occasion. So if you loved these vacation wear ideas, you can elevate your wardrobe with other chikankari kurta sets.


How to look elegant on a vacation?

You can look elegant and sophisticated on any vacation by wearing exquisite Chikankari kurtas made tastefully and designed intricately. These cotton outfits are the epitome of grace and beauty. Apart from the clothing, you can also add elegant accessories to your outfit, such as designer bags, accessories and footwear.

What co-ord sets can I wear during my travel? 

Co-ord sets are becoming a popular choice for airport looks, and rightfully so because they look super stylish and are comfortable as well. You can choose the Arsh straight shirt set that looks unique and trendy. The Nadia shirt palazzo set also looks smart and fashionable with the right combination of intense hues.