From Cotton to Chanderi: Types of Fabric Used in Chikankari Embroidery

Chikankari, the art of the royals has had a fabulous journey from the royal palaces to your wardrobe. Lucknow is the birthplace of the gorgeous and elaborate embroidery style known as Chikankari, which is renowned for its fine artistry. The choice of fabric is just as important in enhancing the beauty of Chikankari work as the skills of the artisans. A variety of textiles are used to bring Chikankari designs to life, from the cosiness and breathability of cotton to the sheer beauty of silk, you can find delicate Chikankari on a plethora of fabrics today. In this blog, we'll explore the world of Chikankari and the various kinds of fabrics that are used as the canvases for this age-old craft.

Types of Fabric Used in Chikankari Embroidery

Chikankari embroidery is such a versatile piece of art that it can be done on several fabrics and materials. Let us take a look at the different fabrics used in Chikankari.


Zulekha Cotton Straight Kurta Set

The most popular material for Chikankari embroidery is cotton, which is valued for its softness and breathability. It is perfect for any hot and humid region because of its natural fibres, which allow the skin to breathe making it one of the most popular fabrics in India. The delicate Chikankari stitches may be seen through the fabric's good drape thanks to the lightness of the cotton. Furthermore, cotton's capacity to retain dye makes it ideal for vivid and durable colours, a quality that is highly prized in Chikankari work. Given that they offer a smooth surface for delicate stitching, high-quality, fine cotton fabrics like mulmul or voile are frequently used by artisans.

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Aziza Silk Kurta

Chikankari stitching gains an air of grandeur thanks to the silk's plush texture and gorgeous sheen. It provides a breathtaking contrast to the delicate threadwork, producing an alluring visual impact. Pure silk materials are preferred for their draping ability and capacity to support complex Chikankari stitches. Silk's inherent toughness and longevity guarantee that the embroidered motifs endure the test of time, making it a prized option for special events.

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Nora Chikankari Muslin Straight Kurta

One of the popular Chikankari embroidery fabrics is the lightweight, finely woven muslin. The soft texture of the muslin serves as the ideal background for showcasing the beautiful and intricate Chikankari embroidery due to the transparency of the muslin cloth. This allows the artists to easily produce intricate motifs since they can trace and transfer designs with accuracy on muslin fabric. Additionally, the softness and sheerness of muslin provide the stitching with an ethereal character, giving Chikankari works a feeling of grace and delicacy. Muslin Chikankari Kurtas are comfortable to wear in all weather.

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Hanifa Chikankari Mulmul Straight Kurta

Chikankari needlework gains an ethereal and romantic character from the use of mulmul, a soft fabric made with a blend of cotton and silk. Because of its lightness and breathability, mulmul is preferred as a summer wear fabric.  Chikankari stitches stand out on mulmul fabric and have a stunning aesthetic effect increasing the embroidery's overall elegance and charm.

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Rashida Chanderi Straight Kurta

Another alluring combination that highlights the skill and elegance of this traditional craft is chikankari embroidery on Chanderi fabric. Chanderi, a lightweight, and sheer fabric known for its luxurious texture, gives Chikankari embroidery designs a touch of class.

Chikankari on Chanderi fabric requires expert craftspeople to meticulously perform delicate and detailed stitching. The fabric's light weight enables precise elaboration and the development of complex designs. Various stitches, including phanda (knot), bakhiya (embossed), and hool (eyelet), are used by artisans to make your ethnic wear beautiful and mesmerizing.

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Karima Chikankari Rayon Straight Kurta Set

On rayon fabric, chikankari stitching offers a distinctive synthesis of comfort, adaptability, and aesthetic appeal. A soft and flowing foundation for Chikankari work is provided by rayon, a semi-synthetic fabric derived from cellulose fibres.

Rayon fabric is renowned for its capacity to imitate the opulent drape of natural fibres like silk, as well as for being lightweight and breathable. It is a well-liked option for Chikankari stitching because of its low cost and simplicity of upkeep.

The sophisticated stitching methods used in chikankari on rayon, including as shadow work, phanda (knot), and jaali (net) stitches, are the same as those used on other textiles. Because rayon has a smooth texture, embroidery stitches slide through it easily, producing intricate, eye-catching motifs.

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Alizeh Chikankari Kota A-Line Kurta

Kota fabric or kota doria is a famous lightweight fabric preferred for summer wear due to its lightness and transparent look. This super soft fabric hails from Kota, Rajasthan and the intricate Chikankari embroidery on this sheer fabric looks graceful and ethereal. Kota Chikankari kurtas are your perfect partner for a summer soiree or any brunch you want to enjoy in a casual ethnic look. 

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Rahat Velvet Straight Kurta Palazzo Set

Chikankari party wear calls for lavish fabric and exquisite designs. One such luxurious fabric is velvet, known for its soft plush texture. Delicate Chikankari embroidery on velvet fabric is a striking contrast of rich surface and elegant designs. It adds the needed opulence of lavish textures when you need to turn heads at a party. 

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Some of the other popular fabrics that are often used for Chikankari embroidery are modal cotton and viscose both of which are soft and comfortable for all-season wear. 


The craftsmanship and talent of the artists who create these exquisite motifs are truly showcased in Chikankari embroidery. Chikankari craft’s beauty is enhanced by the fabric choice. Each fabric lends a distinct dimension to the world of Chikankari, whether it is the cosiness and breathability of cotton, the opulent texture of silk, the delicateness of muslin, or the ethereal nature of velvet. The artisans' careful selection of textiles guarantees that the needlework will feel pleasant to wear in addition to having an excellent appearance. As Chikankari continues to enchant people everywhere, House of Chikankari ensures you get authentic hand-embroidered Chikankari Kurtas to flaunt at every occasion.