Handcrafted With Love

Across the length and breadth of Lucknow, in every nook and cranny resides Chikankari - an art form showcasing the intricacy of hand-embroidery. But, can we ever talk about the art without talking about the artist? Not possible. Chikankari is a dexterous skill that encapsulates the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. House of Chikankari celebrates the talent of over 2.5 lakh Lucknowi artisans, working tirelessly to preserve the invaluable heritage crafts that keep us rooted in our culture and connected to our past.ย ย 

With over 350 unique designs at HOC, and over 30+ styles of stitching that the art form consists of, we believe every garment has a story to tell. Having built a women led team, we engage with over 5000 women artisans that take pride in reinventing traditional crafts through contemporary sensibilities. From fabric to skill, everything is sourced locally. Moreover, everytime we visit Lucknow, weโ€™re left awestruck by the cultural grandeur and the simplicity of the city.

As a homegrown brand, we constantly feel a responsibility towards ensuring and providing opportunities to the karigars and their families to retain the heritage crafts of India and the skills of our countryโ€™s craftsmen. Having started during the pandemic, the unabashed support that weโ€™ve received from the artisans community of Lucknow only exhibits their love and commitment for the craft of Chikankari. Being associated with such talent and having the opportunity of contributing to their lives lifts our heads a little higher.ย 

While the Indian Handicrafts Industry is on its road to recovery post lockdown, we urge you to make conscious choices and choose handcrafted over fast-fashion.ย