Sartorial Grace: Unveiling the Latest Wedding Kurti Design Trends

Wedding season is here and we all definitely want to look stunning and what can be better for that than wearing a wedding kurti that is a showstopper? It doesn’t matter if you are in the bridal party, the groom's side, or even just a guest because there will be a kurti that will surely steal your heart. But then again, how do you choose the right wedding kurti for yourself when there are a lot of designs of kurtis to choose from? Let us look into the wedding kurti designs new in town so that you are well familiar with what you’ll be choosing from.

Fusion Wedding Kurti Designs

Fusion wedding kurtis bring traditional elements of Indian wear together with the modern touches of Western wear and these are perfect for experimenting with your look. 

This Rumi Embroidered Velvet Straight Kurta Set from House of Chikankari is one of those beautiful kurti designs that are subtle yet majestic. You can find these in different colors like blue, green, and purple and it is sure to be a difficult task to say which one will make you grab the most attention. 

Or if you want it more on the modern side, you can check out the Dia Chikankari Georgette Straight Kurta Set. It has heavy hand embroidery done with chikankari & mukaish work that will give you that stylish edge. 

Gaghra sets like the Zaidah Chikankari Rayon Gharara Set will make you look fantastic with its tiered layers. The fusion of contrasting elements, such as vibrant colors with all the embroidery work, gives us these wedding kurtis that are both modern and traditional at the same time. 

Embroidery Elegance: Intricate Details in Wedding Kurti Designs

Embroidery on a wedding kurti will add dimension to it and make you look royal.  Chikankari is one of the most popular and prettiest embroidery styles. You can find designer kurti pattern chikankari in a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, silk, georgette, rayon, or lace at House of Chikankari. 

This Sabiha Chikankari Modal Gharara Set will make you feel like royalty, thanks to all the heavy embroidery on the front, back & sleeves. If you want something on the subtler side, you have options for that as well.  

The Meher Chikankari Georgette Straight Kurta Set with Dupatta features carefully crafted Chikankari and Mukaish work and is sure to give you that timeless look- subtle yet striking.

A Guide to Stylish Wedding Kurti Cuts

The cut of the kurti can enhance or hide your body features, and create a flattering look. So it is very important to know what flatter you and choose according to that. 

Straight kurtis like the Suda Chikankari Modal Straight Kurta Set are pretty versatile as they can be worn with any type of bottom wear, such as leggings, jeans, a salwar, or a skirt. These designs of kurtis have a straight cut with no flare giving you that modern silhouette.

There is nothing like Anarkali kurtis with its graceful and feminine look and it suits almost all body types. The Gulnar Chikankari Modal Anarkali Set is sure to make you feel like a queen with its refined style. This traditional kurti design has a flared and fitted look that has a cinched waist and this creates a beautiful silhouette for you.

You also have the A-line kurtis, which are also straight and simple and they have a slight flare from the waist to the hem. The Rabt Chikankari Modal A-Line Gown Set is one of these fabulous A-line kurtis from House of Chikankari that will you that fitted look.

Accessorising Your Wedding Kurtis

How can we not add that extra glamour to your outfit that comes with adorning the right accessories? The right jewelry can complement your kurti and also personalise your look. You can try statement earrings, especially danglers, and jhumkas that complement your kurti. It’s a wedding, so don’t hold yourself back from dressing up. 

These are some of the kurti designs new in the trends, for you to choose from. If you are looking for a bridal or wedding collection that brings the old and the new together, the latest designs of kurtis available at House of Chikankari bring it all together. Each kurta is crafted with such care and craftsmanship and it is sure to give you the best of times. Find your perfect wedding kurti and enjoy your day!


Q. What types of embroidery and embellishments are popular in wedding kurtis for girls?

A: Chikankari, mirror work, sequins, and mukaish are some of the popular works in wedding kurtis.

Q. How can girls choose the right silhouette for their wedding kurti?

A: By understanding their body type and choosing cuts according to it, you can choose the right silhouette for your wedding kurti.

Q. How can girls accessorise their wedding kurtis for a complete look?

A: Accessorising with statement pieces like jhumkas, maang tikas, bangles, and necklaces can give the wedding kurti a complete look.