Short Kurti Styling Ideas for Festivals: A Contemporary Twist to Chikankari

Festivals in India are more than just holidays. Festivals are occasions for family gatherings, preparing home-cooked feasts, dressing up, and celebrating love, life, food, and apparel- basically everything. One famous gender-neutral apparel item is the kurti/kurta.

In recent times, the kurti has undergone a transformation, blending traditional Chikankari embroidery with contemporary fashion trends. This mingling of old with the new has given rise to the popularity of short chikan kurtis, which many women wear on a regular basis today. From casual wear to festive outfits, short Iwork kurtis are a mass favorite.

Chikankari Short Kurti Design: Embracing Comfort and Style

Chikankari, which originated in Lucknow during the Mughal era, is a delicate form of hand embroidery known for its intricate and artistic designs. 

For ages, Chikankari has predominantly been done on fabrics like muslin and silk, chosen for their comfort and finesse. In the present day, the short chikankari kurtis are available in cotton, georgette, and muslin fabrics among others that are easy to maintain, breezy, and extremely stylish. 

Exploring Types of Short Chikankari Kurtis 

Straight-Cut Short Chikankari Kurti

The straight-cut Chikankari kurti is a classic design that is timeless and versatile. The simple silhouette, which is available in various fabrics like modal, cotton, georgette, etc. makes it a popular choice among young girls, and women alike. This style of short kurti design looks exceptional when paired well with exquisite bottomwear like a churidar or palazzo pants. The entire ensemble is easy to wear and breezy.

Anarkali Short Chikankari Kurta

The Anarkali-style short kurta features a flared design that begins right around the breasts and gracefully extends to the hem. This design exudes elegance and helps make the dress quite appealing. Often this anarkali style kurti comes in a short variation called the umbrella flare which is widely popular these days. 

Chikankari Printed Short Kurti Style

When aiming to achieve a relaxed and casual look, the short-printed Chikankari kurti is an excellent option. Available in breathable materials, and with basic print the kurti is ideal to wear during the daytime, during long events, or festivals, or even as regular college attire. 

You can pair the printed kurti with jeans, ethnic pants, or denim shorts for a chic and contemporary appearance.

Festive Styling Tips With Chikankari Short Kurti Style 

Style Short Chikankari Kurti with Belts: 

Elevating the charm of a long Chikankari kurta by adding a stylish belt is not unknown to most. However, you must know that belting your kurti adds definition to your waist while wearing a short kurti as well. You can experiment with various belt styles, from classic leather to bold locally crafted, statement pieces with metallic accents to enhance the look of short kurtis.

Style Chikan Kurtas with Oxidized Jewelry: 

Oxidized jewelry, characterized by its antique silver finish, beautifully complements the elegance and old-school charm of Chikankari kurtas. If you have a liking for jewellery you may consider wearing chunky oxidised earrings, bangles, or chokers to enhance the look of your chikan kurti. 

Gold and Silver oxidized jewelry pieces add an element of surprise, plus add boho-chic appeal to your ensemble.

Layer Chikan Short Kurti Design: 

Layering is a versatile way to add charm to your plain and uninteresting Chikankari kurta look. Pair your kurti with a contrasting solid, or patterned jacket to add more hues to the outfit. A denim jacket can be layered to give a casual twist to the attire. 

You may choose to add a silk shrug for a touch of regality, and sophistication. Layering your simple chikan kurti will make it glamorous without making you look messy. The extra layers will also help you stay warm during evening events.

Amp Up the Chikan Kurta Look By Styling it With Jeans and ‘Mojaris’: 

To infuse tradition and modernity, you might want to consider pairing your Chikankari kurti with jeans. This combination exudes a casual yet stylish vibe, making it suitable for anything from casual outings, festive gatherings with friends and family, sightseeing activities, etc. 


You can complete the look by adding a pair of beautiful, traditional ‘mojaris’ or ‘juttis’. Choosing a ‘jutti from a plethora of options, helps you achieve a truly authentic and vibrant overall look. 

Chikankari Short Kurti Styling Ideas for Festivals 

Chikankari kurtis have emerged as a preferred choice of ethnic garment for various festive occasions in recent years, and here's why. Chikan kurtis are timeless, graceful, and effortless to carry for a variety of functions. 

Short Kurti Design for Diwali: 

Diwali, a festival brimming with hope, light, and love demands dazzling and radiant appearances of all people celebrating. Chikankari kurtis, with their intricate embroidery which embodies elegance, and comfort in their designs, is a wonderful ensemble for the occasion. 

Pair your short chikan kurti with festive jewelry, heavy chikankari dupattas, and chikankari work palazzos, or shararas that’ll allow you to shine as brightly as the festival itself. 

Short Kurti Style for Eid: 

Eid is a time of rejoicing and celebrating the spirit of togetherness. Eid is a busy festival marked by observing special prayer ceremonies, having family gatherings, and cooking delicious meals. 

Short Anarkali Chikankari kurtis, with their flowing silhouette, offer a comfortable and stylish choice of clothing for the festival. Pair the kurti, or chikankari suit-set with chand baliyan, bangles, and the traditional ‘passa’ to complete the festive ensemble.


Short Chikankari kurtis represent the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, making them a top garment choice for numerous festive, and celebratory occasions for both men and women. 

Short kurti styling ideas, like styling tips for Chikankari kurtis, have seamlessly integrated into the mainstream festive fashion in India. This festive season, embrace the charm of Chikankari and let your kurti styling speak about your personal style, personality, and cultural heritage. Celebrate festivals with elegance, and comfort by celebrating in Chikankari.

Frequently Asked Question 

How are short kurtas different from traditional kurtas?

Traditional kurtis were often calf or knee length, while a short kurti design is usually hip-length or as high as waist length. Short chikan kurtis, or any other type for that matter are a spin-off on the classic kurtis- a simple variation made to diversify the kurti, offering it more versatility, and making it easy to style in various methods to suit each person’s styling sensibility, just like yours. 

How has chikankari been adapted to short kurtas?

Today, short chikankari kurtis come in various styles and designs. The umbrella cut, straight-fit type, and others, thus offering more range and variety than the traditional chikankari kurtis. However, these chikan work kurtis still derive from the handwoven chikan embroidery that makes them beautiful. The short kurtis have adopted a mix of patterns and embellishments- like the use of mirror work, which is common to many party-wear short chikankari kurtis. 

Can women wear chikankari short kurtas with skirts? 

The Chikankari short kurti style has been paired for ages with different ethnic pants. You can choose to pair your chikankari kurti with flared long skirts to achieve a stylish, quirky, and unique appearance. You can also add some accessories to spruce up the look. Such a combination will make for the perfect festive look that you can use to dress up without putting in much effort.