The Crown Jewel of Ethnic Winter Fashion: Exquisite Velvet Chikankari Kurtas

When it comes to ethnic fashion one can’t deny the beauty of a Kurta. Kurta for women has ruled the fashion industry for a very long and is now available in various fabrics and designs that add more charm to this beautiful ensemble. 

From sophisticated cotton kurta to the opulent velvet and chikankari Kurta there are so many to count upon. Among other types of kurtas, in this blog, we’ve brought you a detailed guide on how you can rule your ethnic look with the gorgeous and stunning Chikankari velvet kurta sets online. Take your winter fashion game a step ahead with the beautiful Velvet Kurta from House of Chikankari. 

Velvet Chikankari Kurta - A Regal Legacy

In the chikankari velvet kurta segment, various types fall under its legacy at the House of Chikankari. Out of this few of them are mentioned below:

  • Beautiful A-line Kurta

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A-line Kurta is one of the ladies' velvet kurtas that is available, and it is named so because it has a silhouette that widens from the shoulders to the hem, forming the letter 'A'. These kinds of kurtas are suitable for almost all body types and sit comfortably on your skin without irritating you. You can style such a kurta both on casual and semi-formal occasions. Some of the detailing of A-line Kurta comprises prints, embroidery, and embellishments.

  • Straight Kurta

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One of the velvet kurta sets for women is a straight kurta with a uniform width ranging from the shoulders to the hem. The design of the straight kurta is such that it gives you an overall polished look, thus making the straight kurta apt for wearing on any occasion, irrespective of whether it is a casual outing or a formal event. Wearing a straight kurta will help you deliver a finished look that you can wear to any occasion or event that you attend.

  • A-Line Short Kurta

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Combining the 'A' line styling in a kurta with a short length results in an A-line Short Kurta. Such a kurta helps you get a modern look while wearing an ethnic. The width of the garment uniformly evens out from the shoulders up to the hem. You can wear an A-line short kurta to any casual or semi-formal event you must attend. Some of the smooth details of the A-Line short kurta are embellishments, vibrant prints, attractive colors, and such.

  • Straight Shirt Set

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Like the other kurta, the straight shirt set under the kurta segment has a width that goes from the shoulders to the hem. The overall design of the straight shirt set helps cater to a more sophisticated charm, making it perfect for wearing it to any casual and formal occasions. Such kurta sets come with subtle patterns and solid colors, making them ideal for most body types.

Craftsmanship Unveiled with exquisite designs

The designs on a Kurta are a sign of fine craftsmanship, so a simple typical kurta can be exclusively turned into a beautiful piece to wear. As opposed to old times when kurtas were worn only on traditional occasions, with the advancement in design and craftsmanship, you can now wear them at conventional occasions, events, and any casual occasions. Furthermore, the intricate craftsmanship on the kurta shows the richness of Indian heritage.

Styling Tips for the Modern Royalty

When it comes to styling a chikankari velvet kurta, there are a few styling tips and accessories that can complement your overall outfit. Some of the best approaches are discussed below:

  • Contrast with Light Shade Bottoms - The first thing when it comes to styling your kurta is choosing the right bottom. For example, you can go for either Palazzo or straight trousers.
  • Accessorize Rightly - Pair your velvet kurta with the right accessories. You can go for either a bracelet or a pair of earrings that go right with your outfit.
  • Experiment With Dupatta - Complement your kurta velvet with the dupatta of your choice. It can be either a net dupatta or a sheer one. 

In a Nutshell

In the fashion market, kurtas go beyond being an outfit piece to wear. In winter, the velvet kurta for women offers a form of warmth during the chilly season. There are various velvet kurta sets available widely. Thus, a typical kurta can be made extraordinary with a chikankari embroidery design and delicate prints. 

If you wish to get your hands on the most authentic chikankari velvet kurta, don’t forget to check out the House of Chikankari’s Rumi Collection.

FAQs on Velet Chikankari Kurta Designs

What is the history behind Velvet Chikankari Kurtas?

Chikankari originated from Lucknow in the Mughal Area. Later, with advanced technologies and fashion evolution, velvet chikankari kurtas came into play.

How is Velvet Chikankari crafted?

When the velvet and hand embroidery are combined, velvet chikankari is formed.