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    Unveiling the Beauty of Chikankari Kaftan

    A chikankari kaftan is one of the most beautiful attires that you ...

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    Unveiling the Beauty of Chikankari Kaftan

    A chikankari kaftan is one of the most beautiful attires that you can wear to vacation, to any party or for your daily use. At House of Chikankari, you can buy a variety of kaftans of various colours and designs, including short and long kaftans with floral prints and mulmul fabric. These comfortable and stylish kaftans are styled with intricate Chikankari embroidery by expert artisans from Lucknow. Check out our collection which includes Jafna Mulmul short kaftan which is a stunning embroidered kaftan with a sophisticated ensign, floral prints and intricate Chikan detailing. Other popular designs include Lana Mulmul long kaftan and the Amani kaftan pant set. You can also find white Chikankari kurtas, Chikankari kurta sets, Chikankari Shot Kurta and Men Chikankari kurta on our website.

    Styling Tips For An Embroidered Kaftan

    Depending on the type of embroidered kaftan you purchase, you can style in a number of ways to suit any occasion, be it party wear or casual wear. 

    • With a Belt: Kaftans can be voluminous and if you feel like going for an evening rendezvous, wearing a belt over your kaftan around the waist will add a more fitted stylish look.
    • Pick the Right Length: if you are looking for a stunning kurta to slay at a party, go for a long-length Chikankari kaftan like the sophisticated Lana mulmul kaftan by House of Chikankari. If you are looking for a beach vacation outfit, a short kaftan is the way to go!
    • With Jeans or Pants: A short kaftan and jeans is the classic combination that looks smart for casual wear. You can also get matching pants under your kaftan for a more dressy and classic look. If you are looking for more kurtas, you can explore our page for black Chikankari kurtas, unstitched suits and Modal chikankari kurta.

    Care And Maintenance Of A Chikankari Kaftan

    A Chikankari kaftan is a beautiful and delicate piece of garment that you should handle with care so that it preserves its beauty for a long time. Here are some tips to care for it:

    • Always prefer to dry clean the kurta. If you need to wash it, hand wash it in cold water only.
    • Avoid soaking the kaftan in water before washing.
    • Do not scrub the kaftan and always dry it in the shade.
    • Avoid ironing the embroidered kurta on the embellishments.
    • Store it in a cool and dry place, away from dust.

    Why The House of Chikankari

    Adorned with intricate chikankari embroidery with finest designs we at House of Chikankari support local artisans as well as we are preserving the art that was long lost. One can find delicate embroidery done on the finest fabrics like silk, muslin, mulmul, chanderI, rayon, etc. We are also evolving with fashion as we have launched our collection of chikankari co-ord sets, chikankari gowns, and chikankari dresses.

    House of Chikankari is now available internationally, yes you heard that right we are now shipping our Indian suits & traditional Indian kurtas all over the world. The shipping will be calculated on the basis of one's location. Our international orders are shipped via DHL, once your order is shipped, you will be contacted by DHL on the email and phone number provided while placing the order. The orders are shipped in 2-3 days after placing, NO CANCELLATION OR EXCHANGE are available on international orders. For any other queries, please email us at and one of our team members will get in touch with you within 24 hours. 


    Are Embroidered Kaftans suitable for all body types?

    The best thing about kaftans is that they flatter all body types and can be styled in a number of ways to look good on everyone. 

    What jewellery pairs well with Chikankari Kaftans?

    Oxidised jewellery, statement jewellery, and fashion jewellery including jhumkas and rings all look stylish with a Chikankari kaftan.

    What is a Chikankari Kaftan, and how is it different from a regular Kaftan?

    A Chikankari kaftan is just a regular kaftan but with authentic Chikankari embroidery done intricately by experts from Lucknow.

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