Embrace Elegance: 6 Holi Festival Dresss for 2024

Holi is one of the most popular Indian festivals that has spread its wings even outside India. Such is its charm and allure that people all over the globe participate in this gala dressed in their best Holi outfits. So, as the joyous festival of Holi approaches in 2024 (March 25), it’s time to plan your Holi festival outfit. It’s a celebration of colours where clothes of electrifying shades take centre stage. Are you excited to explore them? No need to wait longer! We’re about to unfurl the list of dresses for the Holi festival for women and men:  

6 Holi Festival Outfit: Embodying Elegance

As we’ve just bid goodbye to winter clothes and enjoying the vibrant beauty of nature in spring, our Holi outfits must reflect the same level of exuberance as nature around us. Sticking to this rule of thumb, we’ve unwrapped the best Holi dress for ladies and gentlemen from the collection of House of Chikankari:

  • White A-line Kurta Set

The first and foremost choice of Indians for Holi is a white ensemble. There’s nothing like a complete white kurta set that not only looks impeccable before Holi but even after the celebration with all the splash of colours. Add Nazakat Chikankari Kota Angrakha with Inner in your wardrobe this year to turn heads before and after you are smeared in gulaal.

  • Pastel Shades

If white is not your cup of tea, light shades such as sky blue, pink, purple, heather or yellow are excellent choices for your Holi festival outfit. Eliza Chikankari Mulmul Straight Kurta can be the saviour when you’re in no mood to don a white look.

  • Bold and Bright

Gone are the days when women used to refrain from sporting Holi outfits in vivacious hues. Modern ladies are all for being bold and beautiful. If you’re of the same view, you cannot stop yourself from rocking the Jugni Chikankari Mulmul Afghani Set on the day of Holi.

  • Silk Gowns

No need to just stick to the kurta set for Holi. You can experiment with a Holi outfit by simply selecting Masoom Chikankari Silk A-Line Gown or Janan Chikankari Silk A-Line Gown. The sheen, shiny fabric of these gowns makes them a Holi festival must-have. 

  • Anarkali Set

If you want to stand apart from the crowd for Holi but are not a fan of traditional kurta sets, you need to choose Eliza Chikankari Mulmul Anarkali Short Kurta. It’s the ultimate Holi dress for ladies that no woman can turn down. 

  • Straight Kurta Set

Men aren’t left behind when it comes to picking Holi outfits. Just like women, men are equally thrilled to choose a dress for Holi for men. While they might feel stuck sometimes in a style rut, House of Chikankari has their back. Nasir Cotton Straight Men's Kurta, Faisal Cotton Straight Men's Kurta, Aftab Cotton Straight Men's Kurta or Zaman Cotton Straight Men's Kurta are some of the most notable Holi outfits for men. 

As you prepare to dip in the jubilant revelry of Holi, let your attire reflect the exaltation of the occasion. With these 6 Holi Festival Outfit ideas in your arsenal, you are sure to light up the Holi ground. 

So, this Holi, adorn yourself in a Holi outfit chosen from the enchanting House of Chikankari collection, where artisans' craftsmanship and your passion for fashion come together to breathe life into every apparel. Simply browse through the House of Chikankari website to access a range of Chikankari outfits for both men and women. 


Q. Which dress is best for Holi?

A: The best dress for Holi is one that combines comfort, style, and durability. Salwar kameez or kurta sets made of breathable fabrics like cotton or linen are perfect Holi festival outfits for both men and women. 

Q. How to look hot in Holi?

A: Donning a Holi look in chikankari clothes is perfect to appear hot and appealing on the day of the festival. Just be your confident self and exude a positive attitude, and you will become the centre of attention. 

Q. Can I wear red on Holi?

A: Yes. We have left behind the notion of only donning white on the day of Holi. People now don’t steer clear of red or any other bright hue on Holi. It’s now a celebration of colour, both in the literal sense and fashion game.