40+ Holi Captions & Quotes for Instagram

Holi comes once a year, but we Indians wait for it the other 364 days with great desire, zeal, and aspirations. The ‘festival of colours’ is an event that colours our mind, body and soul. Breaking the barrier of countries, Holi is now celebrated in almost every corner of the world. The vibrant hues that paint the sky on this day, fill the air with laughter and chirp! And now you can also profess this same level of fervour and love for the event in front of the world by sharing this massive collection of Holi quotes for Instagram. It's time to infuse your Instagram feed with the joy and positivity that Holi brings. Let’s dive into the list of quotes and captions:

10 Holi Caption For Instagram

There’s nothing as beautiful as Holi captions for Instagram that exude the true vibe of this celebration of colours: 

  1. Let the colours of Holi spread the message of peace and happiness in your life. 
  2. Dip in hues of love and joy. Wishing you all a vibrant Holi! 
  3. Life is full of colours, just like this festival. Let's celebrate each shade with love and laughter. 
  4. May your life be as colourful as the colours of Holi. 
  5. Paint the canvas of your life with the colours of joy, love, and laughter. Happy Holi! 
  6. Embrace the people around you as you embrace the colours of Holi! 
  7. When life feels boring, play Holi!
  8. Holi colours colour your life to continue the Holi happiness all the time…
  9. May your life be filled with happiness as you get filled with colours on Holi
  10. The real beauty of Holi lies in the unity of colours and unity of souls

10 Holi Short Quotes

While you’ll get your hands on plenty of long Holi captions, only these Holi short quotes let you express the overflowing emotions in a few simple words: 

  1. Holi is the time to love and forgive. Reach out to your enemies and hug your friends and family to spread love as the colours of Holi.
  2. Let the colours of Holi spread the message of peace and happiness.
  3. Holi is the day to express love with colours. It is a time to show affection. All the colours that are on you are of love.
  4. May the festival of colours brighten your life with happiness, health, and success.
  5. Holi is the apt time to break the ice, renew relationships and link yourself with those that you want to with a bit of colour.
  6. Every person who colours you on the day of Holi is someone who wishes the best for you
  7. Holi is an emotion that takes us to the days of our childhood
  8. Holi is the perfect occasion to break the ice and welcome everyone in your life with colours and happiness
  9. Celebrate the festival of colours with colours, enthusiasm and joy
  10. Holi makes life vibrant by bringing everyone close together

10 Holi Celebration Quotes

Express the joy of Holi by sharing Holi quotes on your Instagram with your Holi special pictures: 

  1. Holi is the day to forget our sorrows and build our bond with family and friends.
  2. Holi is the day to express love with colours. It is time to show affection.
  3. Holi is the time to unwind, de-stress, and bond with family and friends over sweets, thandai, and colours.
  4. Let's celebrate the festival of colours with a spirit of togetherness and harmony.
  5. Holi is the day to strengthen the bond of friendship and add more colours to it.
  6. Holi is the festival to make memories with relatives and friends a little more colourful
  7. Make life as colourful as Holi colours
  8. Let’s celebrate Holi by wishing and splashing colours on everyone
  9. Don’t shy away from celebrating the ‘festival of colours’.
  10. Spring is the time when nature gets colourful. Holi is when we become colourful. Irony? Both are celebrated during spring! 

10 Holi Funny Quotes

Holi is all about having fun and being fun. Let’s celebrate the ‘festival of colours’ with fun: 

  1. Playing Holi without getting drenched in colours is like eating a pizza without cheese.
  2. Let's make this Holi legendary with colours, water balloons, and of course, a little mischief!
  3. Holi hai bhai Holi hai! Get ready for the colourful chaos and endless fun.
  4. Warning: Holi colours may be more vibrant than they appear on Instagram!
  5. Holi is the perfect excuse to act a little crazy and colour everyone who shies away from them! 
  6. The best excuse of anti-Holi relatives - ‘Gulaal allergy’!
  7. People with no allergy get gulaal allergy on the day of Holi
  8. Holi is the food heaven for foodies. Munch on whatever under the shroud of colours.
  9. Saying no to the aunty on the day of Holi is like saying no to a child demanding lollies!
  10. ‘Just a little bit of colour’ - the biggest lie people say on Holi

3 Inspiring Holi Quotes

Holi also inspires us to smile even when no one is watching. Exude the same essence through these inspiring Holi Quotes: 

  1. Wishing you a Holi filled with colourful memories and sweet moments. Have a fantastic Holi!
  2. May this Holi fulfil all your wishes to be loved, influenced, inspired and admired by everyone around you. Have a colourful and joyous celebration!
  3. May this Holi bring you and your family closer, filling everyone’s heart with love and happiness. Happy Holi!

As you gear up to celebrate Holi on 25th March 2024, let these Holi quotes for Instagram allow you to express the happiness you experience in spending joyous moments with friends and family. You can also spread love, laughter, and positivity on the day of celebration by adorning yourself in the Holi special attire chosen from the Holi edit of House of Chikankari. So let’s celebrate Holi!