2024 Eid Looks to Steal the Spotlight This Chand Raat

It is time to enjoy magnificent traditional attire, delectable meals, and gift-giving with loved ones as Eid-ul-Fitr is here. This traditional Muslim celebration signifies the conclusion of Ramadan. For those who celebrate Eid worldwide, it's one of the most significant and joyous events, and picking the ideal attire is an essential component of the festivities. Choose from both classic and contemporary looks, such as comfortable sharara sets and stylish Anarkali suits, if you want to celebrate this festival in style. Allow us to take you on a leisurely tour of some of the trendiest women's Eid dresses to motivate your wardrobe selections and complete your Eid look for the upcoming festival.

5 Eid Dresses for Women

Families gather around this time of year, dressed to the nines, to celebrate, exchange presents, and show gratitude. The type of Eid celebration, ethnic customs, and individual preferences all influence the clothing selection. Let's appear as stunning as the crescent moon on Eid and wow everyone by choosing the best and a thoughtfully curated Eid dress for women

Sharara Set

A sharara set has long been associated with Indian culture and aesthetics. This ensemble, which consists of a kurta and wide, flared pants, is a popular choice for women to wear to formal events like weddings and festivals. This figure-flattering group's appeal is demonstrated by the song "Sharara Sharara," a well-known Bollywood hit. With the stunning sharara outfits, you'll seem just as alluring as the "Eid ka chand" and win everyone over. The Fariha Chikankari Cotton Flared Sharara from the House of Chikankari will be a fabulous bet in this regard, among other options. 

Palazzo Set

It's possible that you're too busy getting ready for festival attendees to choose an outfit for Eid. Don't worry; you may still appear interesting and charismatic without going over the top. For a new Eid dress, a palazzo set, which consists of a shirt or kurta and wide-legged pants, is the ideal costume for women. It will provide you with the most comfort and a stunning appearance, allowing you to celebrate with great enthusiasm. Look amazing by accessorising this Eid dress design with a statement ring and large earrings. You’ll find tons of options at House of Chikankari, including Lucknow Chikankari pants and even choices like the Imani Chikankari Rayon Straight Palazzo


For Indian ladies, the Angrakha is a traditional celebratory outfit that will effortlessly make you seem stunning. Everyone will exclaim "Masha Allah," as soon as they see you in one of these beauties which you can wear over other garments or even as a standalone outfit. You’ll find multiple choices at House of Chikankari, including the Nazakat Chikankari Kota Angrakha with Inner or even the Zainab Chikankari Mulmul Angrakha, to name a few of the available options. 

Kurta and Skirt Set

There's nothing quite like partying with the people you love, looking amazing, and feeling on the top of the world. One of the most seductive sets of outfits for Eid for women is a kurta and skirt combination, which can dramatically improve your appearance. This new Eid dress may end up being your all-time favourite style because it gives off a royal aura and makes you appear incredibly beautiful. You can consider options like the Rayon Chikankari Solid Women’s 3 Pc Long Kurta Set in Black from the House of Chikankari or even other colours for the same outfit like pink, yellow and more and pair it up with any long flair skirt. 

Anarkali Suits 

Anarkali suits—named for the renowned dancer Anarkali—are a representation of elegance and refinement. All body types can look elegant and graceful in this flowing costume with a flared style and elaborate embellishments that come in a variety of fabrics. This Eid, make a big impression by dressing in the vibrantly coloured, embroidered chiffon Anarkali suit, which is the ideal fusion of fashion and heritage.There are several choices available at House of Chikankari to look stunning this Eid, right from options like the Gulnar Chikankari Modal Anarkali Set to many others. 


Eid outfits are known for being gorgeous and modest at the same time. There is a large assortment of stylish and appealing Eid attire for your celebrations. From traditional sharara sets to modern fusion apparel, there are clothes to suit every fashion and taste inclination. The garments are made of high-quality fabrics and adorned with intricate mirror work, embroidery, and other embellishments. You can simply browse and buy goods from the incredibly fashionable and popular selection at several online retailers from the comfort of your own home. Get the newest Eid looks by choosing from the outfits mentioned above. You’ll find tons of options at House of Chikankari, one of the most reputed brands in the country.  


What should women wear on Eid?

Muslim women typically dress traditionally, wearing salwar kameez, abayas, kaftans, hijabs, and sharara sets. When it comes to the celebratory occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, they often choose modest, cosy, and fashionable attire. Eid is a festival of pleasure and joy, and traditional clothing is typically exquisite and beautifully decorated with embroidery and mirror work. The sort of Eid celebration, ethnic customs, and individual preferences all influence the clothing selection.

Which colour dress to wear on Eid?

Many people dress in the traditional colour of white during Eid. It represents spirituality, cleanliness, and purity. Islam places great significance on the colour green, which is linked to rebirth, growth, and life. Blue is a serene and tranquil hue that's popular for Eid attire. Bright and vivacious, red is a colour of excitement and celebration. In Islamic traditions, gold has a particular meaning that connotes luxury, wealth, and grace. 

Can I wear a saree for Eid?

Over the years, sarees have become increasingly fashionable, particularly for festive events like Eid. Being special and one-of-a-kind is one of the key factors in their appeal. Designer sarees are made with accuracy and meticulous attention to detail, in contrast to mass-produced sarees. They are frequently created using premium materials and embellished with elaborate needlework, sequins, and other details. Because of this, they are ideal for occasions like Eid, when it is customary to dress elegantly.