Soft and Subtle: Unlocking the Beauty of Pastel Colour Palette

Introduction & Understanding Pastel Colors

Pastel colours bring a calm and refreshing touch to fashion, offering a pleasant break from the intense shades ruling modern fashion. In this blog post, we will delve into the subtle appeal of pastels and learn to weave them seamlessly into your unique style.

The Beauty of Pastels in Fashion

Pastels have returned, reminiscent of the rejuvenating spirit of traditional Indian festivals. Think of a summer garden's soft hues, enhancing your natural glow. Whether dressed up in a chic pastel suit or a casual outfit, pastels offer a spectrum of options for your fashion statement. Embrace pastel elegance and enjoy the feeling of looking your best.

Styling Tips for Pastel Ensembles

When it comes to pastel outfit ideas, subtlety and style are key. Here are some tips to effectively combine these elements:

  • Casual and Chic: For a more casual setting, pairing a pastel kurta with light-washed jeans or a simple skirt can create an effortlessly chic look. Add a slim belt for a more fitted silhouette or you can explore options like the House of Chikankari’s Amani Chikankari Mulmul Kaftan with white bottoms.
  • Mix and Match: Play around with mixing different shades of pastels. A pastel blue shirt with a pastel pink bottom can create an interesting depth within your outfit without being overwhelming.  Consider pairing House of Chikankari’s Blue Kubra Chikankari Modal Straight Kurta with White Fariha Chikankari Cotton Flared Sharara.
  • Play With Textures: If you're worried about your outfit seeming flat, mix different textures. Lace, cotton, linen, or silk can create an appealing contrast and add dimension to your pastel theme outfit.
  • Layer Up: Layering pastel shades create a vibrant collage of soft hues. Layer your dress with a pastel shrug, or lightweight scarf or dupatta to add a touch of complexity to your pastel outfit.
  • Accessorise Well: A pastel outfit is like a blank canvas, allowing your accessories to shine. Choose bold pieces for a touch of contrast, or keep it subtle with softer tones.
  • Dress it Up or Down: Pastel colours can be suited for formal occasions as well. Pair a pastel colour kurta with crisp white palazzos for a sleek, professional look. Alternatively, pair a chikankari pastel dress with white sneakers for an instantly cute pastel outfit idea.

Completing the Look with Accessories and Makeup

The concluding touch to your pastel look lies in choosing the apt accessories and makeup. A pair of delicate gold hoops or a layered necklace will lend an intriguing depth to your pastel ensembles. Don't forget to complement your outfit with a coordinating bag.

Just as accessories lend depth, opting for the right makeup can lift your pastel look. Aim for a radiant finish that mirrors pastel hues: shimmery cheeks, a touch of bronzer, and a glint of highlighter. A pastel lip shade complements this ensemble. A diligent summer skincare routine is also crucial, as nourished, glowing skin naturally accentuates pastels, ensuring a visually harmonious look.

Pastel Ensembles from the House of Chikankari

House of Chikankari, a celebrated name in the realm of fashion, offers an exquisite collection of pastel-themed ensembles that encapsulate the delightful magnanimity of these soft hues. Their pastel colour outfits, showcasing an array of light, breezy designs, deliver a timeless elegance that commands attention in every season. Featured pieces in their collection include:

This elegant pastel green Angrakha, adorned with beautiful Chikankari work, can be paired with cream-coloured palazzos and accessorised with pearl earrings for a graceful look.

The Hyra mulmul kurta, featuring a subtle pastel shade of pink and purple and detailed embroidery, is perfect when matched with distressed denim jeans and silver accessories for a casual, chic style.

The Shiddat Chanderi Kurta's soft pastel hue and intricate embroidery make it a versatile piece that pairs well with white churidars and gold statement accessories.

This pastel-coloured Hisana Kurta with Chikankari embroidery complements khaki slim-fit pants and delicate silver jewellery, creating an elegant ensemble.

The Roheen Mulmul Straight Kurta, in a refreshing pastel shade with exquisite Chikankari work embellishing it, looks stylish when paired with white pants and pearl drop earrings.

The Juman Mulmul Sleeveless Kurta, showcasing a calming pastel shade and delicate embroidery, can be worn with white linen trousers and accented with bohemian-style accessories for a breezy summer look.


Pastel colors exude a tranquil elegance that effortlessly blends with any style. Styling pastels is about finding the right balance between soft hues and personal expression through layers and accessories.

Embrace the timeless charm of pastels by exploring House of Chikankari's exquisite collection, where tradition meets modernity in sophisticated designs suitable for any occasion. Add a touch of serene grace to your wardrobe today. To explore their exquisite collection, visit the website House of Chikankari.


How should you dress in pastel colours?

Dressing in pastel colours can be a playful way to express your style. Blend different pastel shades, such as matching the Eliza Chikankari Mulmul Anarkali Short Kurta with pastel pants for a fresh look; or experiment with a chic monochromatic pastel outfit. Pairing pastels with neutrals like white or cream also exudes elegance, and careful accessorising can enhance your ensemble.

What colours go well with pastel colours?

Pastel colours pair well with neutrals, bold accents like coral or emerald green, earthy tones, metallics, and jewel tones. Monochromatic looks with pastels also create a soothing and cohesive style.

How do you wear pastel outfits?

Style pastel outfits with mixed shades, monochromatic looks like Rihana Rayon Straight Kurta Set, or paired with neutrals. Experiment with prints, textures, and accessories. Consider occasion, season, and personal preference for balance and comfort.

What are pastel colours in clothes?

Pastel colours in clothes are soft, light shades of various colours with a subtle and elegant appeal. Popular pastel colours include light pinks, blues, greens, yellows, lavenders, and mint greens, among others. They're often favoured for spring and summer fashion due to their fresh and delicate appeal.