Summer Colours to Invest in this Season

The idea of dressing in seasonal colours endures despite changes in trends.

Seasonal colours are hues that correspond to the four seasons of nature. Each season has its own set of traditional colours connected with it. The four seasons of nature's calendar are represented by certain colour tones. The traditional colours associated with each season are distinct. Each season is subdivided into a subtype, such as cool, soft, or deep, which simply indicates how vibrant or muted the colours are in this season and what you should wear.

Summer is a phenomenally colorful season, but there are a few colors in particular that you'll soon see everywhere you look. Summer colours are all about brilliant, rich, and bold hues influenced by the sun, ocean, and summer blooms. Have fun in the sun by embracing these bright hues.

Atirah MulmuL A-Line Gown in pink colour


Atirah MulmuL A-Line Gown - Pink is related to themes of love and peace when in light tones and to the seductive boldness when in bright and dark tones.

Whether you're heading back to the office or planning a girls' getaway, our airy-as-ever Atirah Mulmul A-Line Gown Kurta is one of our favourite key summer looks. It's a classic must-have, adorned with intricate Chikan hand-embroidery.


Raag Modal Straight Kurta in yellow colour
Raag Modal Straight Kurta-Yellow is an earthy colour with golden undertones that represents freshness, cheerfulness, and happiness and is the perfect colour to wear this summer.

Our Raag Modal Kurta is a beautifully hand embroidered Kurta that comes in a variety of colours. It is stylish and comfortable, and it can be worn on a daily basis or for special occasions.


Zuhur Modal Straight Kurta in Blue colour

Zuhur Modal Straight Kurta -Blue is the perfect antidote to this season. The colour is serene, gentle and soothing, and is associated with cooling elements like water and the soft evening sky.

If youโ€™re looking to jazz up your classic Chikankari Kurta Collection, hereโ€™s the perfect recommendation for you. Pick our new Zuhur Modal Kurta and make a statement wherever you go!


Gul Modal Straight Kurta in red colour

Gul Modal Straight Kurta- You might initially see red and think Valentineโ€™s Day or Christmas, but red is, well, red hot this summer! Are you feeling hot, hot, hot? Well, try this color thatโ€™s just as bold and vibrant as you!

Our Gul Modal Straight Kurta is hand-embroidered with love and care with pleasing details and festive-ready hue make this set a must-have for all your upcoming festive celebrations.


Umaiza Muslin Straight Kurta in white colour

Umaiza Muslin Straight Kurta- White, the hue of snow, is frequently used to depict coolness and simplicity.

As we all know, the fundamental science of white colour is that it does not absorb much heat, thus wearing white during the summer is a brilliant idea.

These are the types of prints that never go out of style. We highly love our Classic Chikankari Kurtas since they will always be wardrobe staples! Trends come and go, but classics endure! Classic silhouettes, neutral colours, and minimal details are what we love about our Umaiza Muslin Straight Kurta, and we know you will too!