Teej Fashion: Rock the Celebration with Chikankari Ensembles

Indian culture is a melting pot of different belief systems, faiths, rituals and religious festivities. One such festival that deserves a stand-alone mention because of its vibrancy and charm is Teej. 

This festival is mainly celebrated in India and Nepal to invoke the blessings of Goddess Parvati. Married women get together and dress up in their finest clothes to seek blessings from the Goddess for the good health and well-being of their husbands. In fact, unmarried women can also partake in the celebrations to pray for a good life partner. 

This is a major event for married women, and dressing up to the nines, makes them feel super special. So, if you are putting together the best Hariyali Teej outfit ideas, we suggest you read along. 

Chikankari Ensembles For Teej & Combo Sets for Gifting 

Gifting adds to the charm of festivities and acts as a positive reinforcement for relationships. If you are looking for some amazing Hariyali Teej outfits or gifting ideas, we suggest you check out these options that we have listed for you. 

This short kurta and Gharara set is made in modal cotton and it has heavy Chikankari embroidery. It has three colour options and we think that green colour will perfectly resonate with the nature of the festivities.

This is one of the most elegant Teej outfit ideas that are perfect for gifting as well. This beautiful Straight kurta in rayon is adorned with beautiful hand-embroidered Chikankari work. Believe us, whenever you step out wearing this, you will look like an absolute diva. 

This one is another stunning piece from the House of Chikankari. The soft silk fabric and dreamy teal green colour will make you fall in love with this garment. You can match it with bottoms, accessorize it and be ready to be the head turner at any party that you walk into.

This dark green-coloured unstitched Chikankari Chanderi kurta set is perfect for Teej. The alluring green colour and the heavy embroidery on the front, back and sleeves make this an ideal pick for this festive season.


In addition to being a festival that personifies love and devotion, Teej is a great time for women to exhibit their creative flair and love their fashionista moment!

From putting together amazing Teej outfit ideas to applying mehendi and wearing exquisite jewellery, everything about this festival celebrates femininity and empowers women to experience the joy of looking and feeling their best while going about with rituals and celebrations attributed to this day. House of Chikankari is an online brand that is committed to bringing the grace and elegance of Chikankari to your wardrobe through excellent kurta sets, gowns, sarees etc. it could be the perfect place to get your Teej outfits from, and, while you are at it, get some beautiful stuff for your loved ones too!


  • Which dress should be worn in Teej?

While thinking about the best Teej outfit ideas, it is always a good idea to go with traditional attire. A thoughtfully chosen outfit will make your outfit resonate with the theme of the celebrations. You can check out an expansive range of options on House ff Chikankari to take the perfect pick. 

  • Which colour is best for Teej?

Green and Red are considered to be the best-suited colours for Teej celebrations. In fact, you can even pick out outfits in these colours, while thinking about Hariyali Teej Gifting ideas. 

  • Why wear green on Teej?

The green colour is associated with abundance and fertility. Since Teej is a testimony to marital bliss, this colour perfectly encapsulates the essence of this festival. Furthermore, this colour also symbolizes the lushness of nature, which is in full bloom during monsoon; the time for Teej celebrations.