The Ultimate Guide To Make Your Chikankari Last Longer

The word ‘Chikan’ literally means embroidery. Credited as one of the most ancient and well-known art forms of Lucknow, traditional Chikankari carries the grace and subtlety that modern embroidery techniques lack. 
Chikan work is generally done on lighter fabrics to highlight the embroidery. Cotton, pure georgette, chiffon, silk and crepe are among the few fabrics that can be used pertaining to their texture making it easier for needles to pierce through. 
Chikankari garments can last a long time with proper care. Here’s how you can keep your favourite Chikan outfits looking new! 
  1. We recommend hand wash and dry clean only for our garments 
  2. Hand wash separately in cold water with mild detergents.
  3. Embroidery stains can usually be removed by dipping the garment in a solution of detergent and water, follow it with a soft bristle brush that can be used to gently remove the spots. Do not rub the garment as it could damage the embroidery permanently. 
  4. Do not bleach.
  5. After washing, never wring your Chikankari outfits. Instead, roll it in a clean towel and let it absorb the water. Leave it to dry in shade. 
  1. Iron on reverse and do not iron on embellishments.
  2. Georgette requires the lowest temperature setting when ironing. It’s always better to keep a pressing cloth between the garment and the iron.
  3. Do not use the steam setting to flat out creases on Chikankari clothes; switch to dry mode.
  1. It’s always more preferable to roll your Chikankari outfits when placing them in the cupboard. Avoid folding them as the creases could distort the embroidery. 
  2. Do not place any heavy object over your Chikankari garments.
  3. Avoid placing your outfits in the same condition for a long period of time. It’s always better to take them out once in a while and re-roll them.

So, there you go! Taking care of your Chikankari garments is simple. Do try these tips to make your clothes will look new and last longer.

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