Top 8 Bollywood Theme Party Dress Ideas for Men and Women

Bollywood and its glitz and glamour have always been a fashion influence for Indians and even for its fans outside India. It’s an industry that has introduced endless fashion trends in India, and we all love to be a part of this craze. The fashion inspired by Bollywood is all about vivacious colours, glamorous damsels in distress and a suave, flamboyant and elegant hero - it’s surely an extravagant affair where things can be a bit overwhelming. 

Nonetheless, it’s truly a spectacular show that makes Bollywood so influential to be a theme of your next party, right? So don’t shy away from being a bit over-the-top with your Bollywood theme party attire, as it’s the norm!

Whether it's a themed celebration or a cultural event, dressing the part takes the party ambience to the next level. Let's explore 10 Bollywood theme party clothes that will make you the star of the show!

Bollywood Theme Party Wear

The Bollywood theme outfits do not just stick to the attire for females; even males participate in this fun, charismatic party outfit inspiration gala. It’s time to unroll the trending Bollywood theme costume for both women and men: 

1. Saree Sensation

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No one inspires Indian women to drape a cocktail saree as much as Naina from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. A perfect party ensemble, her blue saree with a golden border and a black blouse is the dress code of party animals. 

2. Lehenga Loveliness

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Channel your inner Shanaya of Student of the Year’s one of the most popular tracks, ‘Radha’ by donning a glamorous lehenga choli pair. The more vibrant colours, luxurious fabrics, and embellishments like sequins, beads, and zardozi work you choose, the better. Complete the look with a maang tikka and bold makeup for a truly regal vibe.

3. Chikankari Charm

We have seen Bollywood divas rock chikankari-inspired party outfits time and again. The latest addition to this list is the outfit in which Alia Bhatt was dolled up during Kalank's promotion. Ladies, we promise you won’t regret this choice. Just pick among Nazakat Chikankari Kota Angrakha with Inner, Zarah Chikankari Mulmul Straight Kurta, or Jugni Chikankari Mulmul short sleeveless kurta to become the showstopper. 

4. Co-ord Sets Allure

All the spotlight is sure to turn to you immediately the moment you arrive at the party spot, pulling on Deepika Padukone’s remarkably stunning Piku look from the film Piku. If you’re turned on by the flowing silhouette of the flared pants, perfect for twirling on the dance floor and her mesmerising gaze, why not be the one by simply slipping on Eliza Chikankari Mulmul Straight Kurta by House of Chikankari? It’s surely the piece that takes you the closest to her ethereal aura in the series.

5. Retro Glamour

Transport yourself to the golden era of Bollywood with retro Bollywood theme party dress ideas for females. The most noteworthy feature of such outfits is polka-dot prints. So anything adorned with polka dots can be straight out of a classic film. 

6. Kurta Couture

It’s not only women who need help with their Bollywood-themed party dress; men need it too. Men can elevate their party look by simply choosing pieces such as Naveed Silk Straight Men's Kurta or Rahil Silk Straight Men's Kurta. Just pick a matching pyjama with the topwear, and you’re good to go!

7. Nehru Jacket

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If taking your style game up a notch during the party is your goal, nothing comes close to the sophistication of a men’s ethnic ensemble paired with a Nehru jacket. Layer the kurta set with a classy jacket in a jewel hue and embrace the opulence of rich fabrics like silk or brocade. Don’t forget to accessorise the outfit for Bollywood day with a pocket square for a fine finish.

8. Indo-Western Fusion

Experiment with fusion wear by blending traditional Indian elements with contemporary styles. Mix and match ethnic and contemporary pieces like Farhan Chikankari Cotton Straight Men's Kurta with jeans or a bandhgala suit with sneakers. It’s time to be a fashion chemist and experiment with colours, textures, and accessories instead of chemicals to create a look that mirrors YOU.

Bollywood-themed parties have been pretty common now. From Mehendi parties to office parties, any party can be a Bollywood party for Indians or Bollywood fans. So keep your wardrobe stocked with Bollywood theme party attire. There’s no shortage of Bollywood-themed party outfits for females and males. Just immerse yourself in the resplendency of Indian cinema by choosing attire inspired by the list we’ve rounded up here. With the right attire, you can effortlessly capture the essence of Bollywood style and make a memorable impression. So carry out your fashion experiments with Bollywood day outfits and design the perfect one for you. Let your outfit reflect your personality and be the epitome of the festive spirit of the occasion.


Q. What should I wear to a Bollywood theme party?

A: A Bollywood theme party allows the party attendees to play around with fabric, texture, style, colour, makeup and accessories. While women can consider traditional Indian attire like sarees, lehengas, or Anarkali suits with a modern twist, men can opt for kurta pyjama sets, Nehru jackets, or Indo-Western fusion outfits that blend traditional and contemporary elements.

Q. How do you arrange for a Bollywood-themed party?

A: The arrangement of a Bollywood theme party revolves around a selection of colourful decor, lively music, and delicious cuisine. Some classic elements of Indian culture, such as Bollywood movie posters, blinding string lights, and shimmery fabrics, mesmerise the guests and party hosts alike.

Q. What is the Bollywood dress code?

A: The Bollywood dress code is traditional Indian attire for both men and women. However, everyone can be creative with their Bollywood theme party dress. The interpretation of the event depends on the guest. If no other details are shared, the dress code is a sari for females and a kurta set for males. 

Q. What is Bollywood style fashion?

A: Bollywood style fashion focuses on opulence, vibrancy, and fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. The Bollywood theme party attire draws inspiration from Indian culture, cinema, and celebrity trends, featuring bold colours, intricate designs, and dramatic silhouettes/styles that exude glamour.