Top 30+ Wedding Mehendi Designs for Brides and Ladies

There is a very slim chance to find a woman who doesn’t love mehendi. These drawings on hands and feet have taken a form of art that is intertwined with our culture and traditions. The deep, dark brown or red designs on the hands and feet complete the bridal look. As time passed by, the mehendi ceremony became an elaborate tradition when brides and women in the house adorned their hands to be prepared for the upcoming wedding ceremony. It’s a fun gathering of women where they laugh, and connect and the bride gets a chance to relax and rejuvenate. 

While there are endless marriage mehendi designs available, only a few hold the power to win hearts. Here is a complete list of all the beautiful mehendi designs that brides must consider before choosing a design: 

30+ Wedding Mehendi Designs

Let’s find out what our experts have listed down as the best and new trending mehendi designs:

Traditional Peacock Design


For brides or women who love to play safe, the peacock mehendi design is a classic choice. Place the peacock right in the middle of your hands and add intricate patterns to its feathers.

 Floral Extravaganza


When nothing looks good enough, simple floral patterns on hands look the best. 

Mandala Magic


Mandalas have always been pretty popular mehendi designs for weddings that make the hands and feet look gorgeous. 

Raja Rani Motif

raja rani motif

As you are already a queen and your king is waiting to take you with him, why not let it reflect through mehendi designs? Celebrate the union of two souls by adding the king and queen motifs to your hands.

Dulha-Dulhan Portraits


Similar to raja rani motifs, the bride and groom on your palms also celebrate the beginning of togetherness in your life.

Arabic Fusion


Arabic designs have always been popular as marriage mehendi designs. Welcome the fusion of graceful Arabic-inspired traditional Indian Mehendi designs.

Minimalist Elegance


Less is more – opt for minimalist patterns that are a blend of elegance and simplicity.

Bride's Name in Mehendi


While it’s only a feature of mehendi designs, it’s a great way to personalise the Mehendi by adding your name or initials.

Paisley Paradise


There is nothing like the teardrop motif with elaborate paisley patterns on hands that scream elegance and sophistication.

Symmetrical Bliss

symmetrical bliss

Symmetrical mehendi designs or replicating the designs of one hand on another hand create a visually stunning Mehendi masterpiece.

Jaal Work


Intricate jaal (net) patterns that showcase a delicate interplay of lines and curves look mesmerising as marriage mehendi designs. 

Dots and Lines


Simple yet impactful, a combination of dots and lines creates a stunning minimalist design, perfect for the modern bride.

Rajasthani Revival


Wedding mehendi designs inspired by the vibrant culture of Rajasthan are perfect. Add traditional motifs like camels, elephants, and peacocks to your hands. 

Ganesha Charm


For religious brides who believe in beginning the marital journey with the blessings of Lord Ganesha can choose this Mehendi design.

Mirror Image Mehendi


Similar to symmetrical mehendi designs, mirror image mehendi creates a visual effect by mirroring the design on both hands.

Gota Patti Inspired


While gota patti designs are popular clothing embroidery, it’s also safe to welcome the same level of elegance and grace of gota patti into your Mehendi design.

Henna Bracelets


Simple, minimalist yet elegant, henna bracelets are stunning wedding mehendi designs that beautify the bride’s delicate hands and feet.

Intricate Feet Patterns


Draw as much attention to your feet as your hands by adorning them with elaborate patterns that complement the beauty of your bridal footwear.

Modern Moroccans


It’s a popular trend now to draw inspiration from Moroccan patterns for bridal Mehendi designs. Most trending mehendi designs boast this feature that you cannot take your eyes off of. 

Breathtaking Backhand


Pay attention to the back of your hands by adding intricate designs that complement the overall Mehendi look.

Sun and Moon Motif


If the bride is a nature lover, symbolise the eternal connection between you and the nature around you with a design featuring the sun and moon.

Bridal Veil Patterns


Mimic the delicate patterns of a bridal veil in Mehendi designs that exude grace and femininity.

Lotus Love


The Lotus motif is a common yet beautiful mehendi design that makes the hands look full and covered. 

Bridal Archway


Create a stunning archway on your palms as the gateway to a new and beautiful chapter of your life.

Whimsical Vines


Let whimsical vines and tendrils adorn your hands, and create a design that is both delicate and enchanting.

Celestial Splendour


Don’t stop yourself from infusing your Mehendi design with celestial elements like stars and moons for cosmic allure.

Bridal Saree Border


Why not welcome the intricate borders of a bridal saree in Mehendi patterns on your hands? It’s a great way to showcase the elegance of Indian textile art.

Bridal Anklets


Adorn your ankles with bridal anklet-inspired Mehendi designs and complete your bridal look with grace.

Feathered Fantasy


Feather motifs look amazing as a feature in wedding Mehendi designs

Gujarati Garba Inspired


Love the exotic culture of Gujrat and Gujarati Garba costumes? Infuse the lively energy of Gujrat in your beautiful mehendi design. 

Bridal Mandap Patterns


The bridal mandap is the epitome of elegance and beauty that nobody can deny. So get inspired by the delicate patterns of a bridal mandap and let it reflect in your mehendi designs.

As you now have a complete list of 30+ wedding mehendi designs, you can choose among them or get inspired by them and create your own mehendi designs. Or combine two or more from this list to come up with a list of unique marriage mehendi designs. Nothing can now stop you from looking like the prettiest bride with the prettiest hands and feet. 

As the mehendi ceremony is no less important than other ceremonies in a wedding, take as many pictures as you want of yourself and the bridesmaid or ladies attending the function and post them on social media. So get ready in intricate designs-adorned, top-quality, comfortable, and perfect for the mehendi ceremony, House of chikankari  Kurti set. Check out what we have in store!